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Back to Campus Essentials


This time of year is so exciting– there is the renewed energy in work after a well-earned vacation, the last of the summer picnics, and students and teachers getting ready to fill their classrooms for another year of school. 

Some students might have dreaded that first day all summer long… but you know who doesn’t? College students!

Most college students can’t wait to be back on campus. The end of summer brings friends from across the country and time zones back into the same dorm for another year of adventure and community.

We are shopping for all of our back to campus essentials just in time for them to arrive before we pack the car for our trip back. Check out what’s on our campus essentials list, and let us know what’s on yours!

  1. A great bag.

No matter if you are going Greek, running for campus leadership positions or just trying to look your best in Junior Comp class, it’s imperative you have a stylish bag to go from class to class. This is personal preference, but I love Annabel Ingall, Rebecca Minkoff and Elizabeth and James. They are durable, classic and chic enough to last you all four years.annabel-ingall-black-isabella-large-tote-__59312.1469028784.600.800

2. A warm cardigan

Sure, it might be August now… but soon the chill of fall will be in the air. You need a reliable, comfy cardigan to keep you warm throughout the cooling nights. We love the LAMade piece because of it’s open front design and elongated angles, perfect for bundling up in cooler evenings.campus essentials

3. A chic LBD

One of our most-worn pieces in college was our litle black dress. Perfect for a night out, or interview-ready with a chic blazer, this piece always is stunning. We love the instantly slimming look of this Tee’s by Tina piece–it’s always flattering and streamlines your figure for a gorgeous silhouette. Plus, it’s durable, so you won’t have to replace it every semester with a disposable piece, saving you a ton of money down the line.

We can’t wait to be back on campus. What are you stuffing your suitcase with?

girl wearing kendra scott phara necklace

This Season’s Hottest Necklace – The Lariat


girl wearing kendra scott phara necklace

The Lariat necklace is really hot this season! It’s easy to see why. A lariat can look classic or edgy depending on how you style it and the material it’s made from. The lariat is popular in a variety of mediums like leather, metal and stone. This style will be sticking around for a while so there are plenty of reasons why you need to add a lariat necklace to your collection. I would suggest sooner than later. If you want to keep up with the trends, now’s the time to add this baby to your jewelry box. All you have to do is pick your personal fav.

First up- Kendra Scott. We LOVE Kendra Scott jewelry and we know you love it too!! Her signature collection is timeless and classic with an edgy feel. Sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s not. She has really captured the essence of what the American woman wants in her contemporary jewelry collection. The Phara necklace is part of that collection and it embodies the reasons why Kendra Scott jewelry is so popular. This necklace is so chic and so versatile, you just can’t go wrong when you accessorize your outfits with it. Wear it casual as shown or dress it up. The rope chain is finished with beautiful metal tassels and it can be tied a variety of ways to keep your look fresh.


girl wearing gold kendra scott lariat necklace

If you are looking for something with more of an edge, then Margo Morrison‘s leather and baroque pearl lariat is the piece for you. Made from leather cording with beautiful baroque pearls and a crystal encrusted sphere. This piece is crazy beautiful!!! Margo Morrison lariat leather and pearl necklace

Now if you want something a little dressier, Margo Morrison’s Fresh Water Pearl Lariat is the way to go. This piece is striking! Handmade in Margo’s New York studio, each necklace is unique and made by hand. It can be worn a variety of ways. No matter how you wear this piece, you will be noticed.margo morrison lariat fresh water pearl necklace


paris hilton wearing shahida parides heart 2 heart maxi dress

Get that Celebrity Style with Shahida Parides Dresses


paris hilton wearing shahida parides heart 2 heart maxi dressphoto courtesy of Shahida Parides

 I love Shahida Parides dresses and kaftans. When I put one on, I feel like I’m on vacation, even if I’m not! They are colorful, and flowy and they make me feel like a princess. I know my customers feel the same way. They have been raving about them for months! Shahida Parides dresses and kaftans are celebrity favorites too. 

  The kaftans were popular before they were seen on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but once stars Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson and Kathryn Edwards wore them on their show, ladies all over the globe are going crazy over them. We can hardly keep them in stock!  As much as we know you love our kaftans, we think you’re going to equally love our new styles of Shaida Parides dresses.Lisa Vanderpump wearing shahida paridesphoto courtesy of Bravo TV

This is one of our new pieces. Paris Hilton is pictured wearing the Heart 2 Heart V-neck maxi dress at Coachella. The colors are bright, fun and really gorgeous! This can be styled super dressy or style it with a chic, hip bohemian vibe like Paris has.  Change the accessories and change the look -ie… strappy high heel sandals vs flat jeweled sandals. Change your jewelry, your hair, your bag… it all changes the look. But – anyway you wear it, you will turn heads in this piece. 

paris hilton wearing shahida parides heart 2 heart maxi dressphoto courtesy of Shahida Parides

Can you say romantic? This is the Hi-low ruffle dress, done in the cherry blossom pattern. Our most popular pattern of all! Such a beautiful dress. We added Kendra Scott Alexis earrings in turquoise to give it just a pop of color. We typically style this with a great pair of high heel strappy sandals to finish it off, or you can go bohemian and barefoot.

girl wearing high-low ruffle shahida parides maxi dress

This is the 3-way Maxi dress by Shahida Parides done in the Aqua Avatar print. Covered with colorful butterflies, this is a beauty. Wear this piece as a halter, as seen on Michelle, wear it off one shoulder or as a dramatic plunging v-neck style.  You can’t go wrong with this piece.

girl wearing shahida parides 3-way maxi dress in avatar aquaSee our Shahida Parides Collection to view all our amazing dresses and kaftans. SAVE 20% use code PARIDES at checkout. 

Gold, Silver or Bronze, always look like a winner


We have been absolutely glued to our seats over the last week, cheering excitedly at every event that brings a new Olympic hero.

Whether it is Simone Biles making winning look so easy that no one else even comes close to her category, or Michael Phelps, winning the same category for the last 16 years, or Katie Ledecky, smashing through her own world record– we can’t stop watching.

And with the USA completely dominating in gymnastics and swimming, winning (so far 52 medals overall in the games so far), it got us thinking about our three favorite metals– gold, silver and bronze.

In celebration of the USA’s success in Rio, here are our favorite pieces in gold, silver and bronze.

  1. When it comes to gold, you can’t beat Gorjana.

You all know we absolutely love the chic simplicity of Gorjana pieces. The clean design, the stackable pieces that you can mix and match, and the classic cuts are all some of our favorite parts of the brand. However, we think one of the best features of the brand is it’s gorgeous material.

gold, silver, bronze

Plated in 18 karat gold, Gorjana pieces are of exceptionally high quality. They shine and accent every outfit. 

We love Gorjana rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings because since they are all of the same material, we can swap pieces and always look polished.

2. Silver is always in style.

We love gold, but many times, silver just brings out outfit together better. Recently, we haven’t been able to stop wearing silver Kendra Scott pieces. They are so beautifully designed and made with excellent craftmanship. They’re the perfect complement to artful summer maxis, wedding ware, or ever just a business meeting you want to look unstoppable for. 

gold silver bronze

3. Last but not least– bronze!

Bronze is a great material to wear because it is pretty uncommon. We like wearing bronze as a statement boho piece. I love getting compliments when I wear it because I always brag where I got those pieces– you just don’t see a ton of bronze! But if you have tan skin and wear light colored apparel in the summer, bronze brings out the warm undertones in your skin– totally flattering.


Our favorite Olympic sucess stories will sporting their new accessories for the rest of their lives! We hope they find good outfits to show them off with.

What’s your favorite metal material? How do you style each one differently? Let us know in the comments! 

From Work to Play with Just One Piece


transitional pieces

Something we can’t resist is a spur of moment happy hour with our favorite coworkers after a long day at work. Nothing is better than sitting around cocktails after finishing up a big project, and then letting the casual evening turn into a fun night out.

However, it’s hard to wear something to work that’s also going to fit in on the evening out. It’s a tough dilemma– you never want to be under-dressed for work, but I know I hate feeling out of place when you’re out, too!

Here’s our secret– we keep a couple of our most dramatic pieces with us in our purse or desk so we are always ready to look chic and gorgeous for a night out. 

We compiled a list of our go-tos, but, let’s be honest, we are always looking to expand our closet! Let us know what pieces you think are best to totally transform your look. We might just have to steal it for next Friday!

Best Transitional Pieces from Work to Play

  1. Zacasha Collar Feather Necklace


A fixture of work attire is the staid collar. This super dramatic piece instantly adds flare and style to your office best. This piece is portable and light as a no-brainer go-to for an accessory you can throw on at any moment. The feathers on this piece are sustainably sourced from chickens in Bali, and are dressed up with beads and shells for a super chic, fun look.

2. Wrap bracelets


Moving away from metal materials is a great way to bring your look from day to night. We especially love this Chan Luu Bronze Stone and Metal wrapped piece because of its adustable closure and complement-everything neutral. While metal makes you look clean cut and put together, throwing in a new materials like leather or cord makes your look way more softened. Take off the blazer and throw on a wrap bracelet and you instantly look ready or a fun night out.

3. Add a fun scarf.


Scarves are one of our favorite things to have in the office because of how cold the office can get when someone is too overzealous with the air conditioning. Buy a fun scarf that completely lightens the mood of whatever you are wearing and keep it in a drawer at your desk. Recently, I have been obsessed with the unique, one of a kind pieces from Brightly Twisted like this one, but you can find one that fits what you are looking for that will work as transitional pieces for your wardrobe. 

Now Traveling to…. Italy


Italian Vacation

One of our favorite things is when our customers tell us that they are shopping on Paula & Chlo for special things to bring with them on a big trip. We love outfitting people for their honeymoons to St. Lucia, for a romantic weekend in Aspen, for any trip that you are looking forward to and want to look your best for. (Even if it’s just so you look perfect in your Instagrams, we won’t tell!). 

We definitely want you to be looking your best for these exciting vacations, which is why we are starting a monthly series on the blog dedicated to our recommendations for what to wear. 

This month we are excited bring you our must-haves for a Italian vacation. 

Italy is considered by many to be the fashion capital of the world. With the runways on Milan, the shopping in Rome, and the gorgeous settings in Venice and Florence that always look like something from a magazine, you have to be ready for anything.

A piece we are definitely packing for an Italian Vacation is this Tee’s by Tina Crinkle Tank Dress. It’s so versatile– you can wear it with a big hat on the Italian Riviera, or with a gorgeous cashmere wrap.


Which bring us to our next must-have: Cashmere wraps. People forget when they are packing that Italy isn’t all just warm beaches. Towns like Florence are nestled away in the mountains, and it gets really cool in the evenings. Bring along a Claudia Nichole Cashmere travel wrap to throw on after dinner– don’t get stuck having to buy a cheap sweatshirt on your Italian Vacation because you forgot!

Italian style is all about choosing pieces that truly complements the surroundings. This means muted, earthy colors and non-flashy accessories. The fabulous Margo Morrison New York has so many pieces that are tailored to that perfectly. 


This multi-stone necklace is what I am bringing along on my summer’s end Italian vacation. It’s so simple and elegant, and perfectly matches the local style!

What’s in your suitcase for your upcoming trips? Let us know and we may feature you in an upcoming travel blog!

Designer Spotlight: Chaser



Can you tell how much we have been loving our new luxury basics? The last few months of being able to outfit our customers with every part of a look, from slimming leggings to tops perfect for layering, to chic cashmere toppers and ponchos, to (of course) the accessories and handbags you have been counting on Paula & Chlo to stock your closet with for years now.

One of the brands that we have most loved watching our customers style is the boho-chic Chaser. Created in Los Angeles and brought to life with generations of style icons in mind, Chaser is a modern clothing dedicated to a style evolution.

This brand emphasizes the importance of fit (you can’t look your best in something that doesn’t work with your body), high-quality fabric that feels soft and beautiful, and strong construction contributes to the pieces that we love and can’t live without.

ChaserWe had highlighted this piece on our Patriotic Style blog last week, but we love it so much we have to show you it twice! This heather-grey American Love tee shirt is the shirt you need for all summer occasions. Of course it’s totally perfect for Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day, but it is also our go-to top for summer picnics and pool parties. Add a pair of light-wash jeans and you are perfectly styled!


This top is perfect for our bohemian ladies’ summer style. The unique shape to the bottom and shirttail, coupled with the Eastern culture shapes makes this piece truly not to be missed if that’s your vibe. The modern edginess of this top is what you need for summer.


Another look we are loving from Chaser is their impeccable Water Floral Shirttail Tank in dove gray. It’s lightweight and airy, but can be dress up with a cut blazer or necklace. The colors of the print easily pair with tons of accents, so you can really make this piece your own.

Do you like the pieces we have been bringing you from Chaser? What are other brands you want us to start carrying? Let us know– we would l love to hear from you!

Show Your Patriotic Spirit This Independence Day


Patriotic style (2)

This weekend marks the unofficial midpoint of the summer! Although that thought might have us sweating a little (come on, wasn’t it just Memorial Day?!), showing off our American spirit has us excited for picnics and pool parties this weekend.

DIYs are a great way to show off your patriotic spirit for Independence Day. We love this tutorial from Youtuber Roslyn Rags. 

Her quick and easy tutorial is for a shirt, but if you have a chic white canvas bag lying around the house, I would love to see how that translates to a super cute carry-all for your holiday soirees. Be sure to tag us on Instagram if you try this project out!


Our hot designer of the moment, Chaser has this effortlessly cool top that shows off your love for your country. We especially love the message of this shirt– the United States is a country that is proud to love!

Want to wear your best summer whites and just add in a splash of the old USA pride? This adorable bracelet is perfect. Just a touch of tassels and the red, white and blue splashes bring the subtle touch you are looking for.lilu-stretch-bracelet-flag-p1-__03545.1438298129.600.800

Of course, summer soirees sometimes need a cute hat to keep you covered from the sun and looking chic. 


Eugenia Kim has so many cute ones, but this Eugenia Kim Pamela Wide Brim Fedora is perfect. Wear it with adorable summer red polka dots for a look that’ll be perfect no matter if you are seaside or poolside.

How are you spend your holiday weekend? Let us know in the comments!

Designer Spotlight

Designer Spotlight: LAMade


In our addition of must-have luxury basics, one of our favorite designers that we started carrying for you is the ultra-chic LAmade, an absolute must-add to your luxury basics.

Brought to life in sunny Los Angeles, California in 2004, LAMade has brought Southern California style all over the world. Using only the softest and most indulgent and most comfortable fabrics, in a large array of colors and prints, we love carrying LAMade because it’s the look we need– unique yet understated, especially as a base layer for all seasons. Our closet begs for clothes that fit and are flattering, and that’s a priority for LAMade.  

These tops are the building blocks your wardrobe has been lacking.

Our favorite LAMade pieces are totally versatile for every season.

la made 2

The Boyfriend Tank by LAmade is an essential building block layering piece that your closet needs. Made of a super soft jersey tank with a baseball hem, scoop neck and a small front pocket, this piece is perfect for layering or wearing alone. Dyed in a timeless, classic black, you just can’t go wrong with this piece. We especially love addingDesigner Spotlight pops of color with necklaces and scarves.


We love this beautiful Lizabeth Drape Front top done in soft grey morning, a shade that can be paired with winter whites, rich autumn reds and oranges, or spring florals for as a pretty neutral for any season. This piece has lovely draping on the front and back. Short sleeves and a wide scoop neck with lots of draping make for a very forgiving and flattering shape. It’s stylish enough to wear alone with a statement scarf or necklace, under a blazer for work.

The best part about LAMade is how well-made these pieces are. Why buy over and over the same type of pieces when they fall apart due to wear when you can buy pieces that you really love once that will hold up for a long time?

That philosophy was so important when we were deciding what brands to bring to our customers. The pieces we pick for Paula and Chlo are the pieces we want at the ready, and these tops are exactly the lasting investments you need.


Your Island Getaway Packing List



We love traveling, but if there is one downside to getting away for the weekend, it’s packing. We are constantly stressed, second guessing ourselves on… oh did I remember my… rain jacket? What about those earrings to go with the dress I am wearing Saturday? And don’t even get me starts about stressing out over what haircare products made it on the flight.

But, not being strangers to the island getaway packing panic, here are what I think are the essentials. So you can focus on relaxing and only worrying about what color you should get your pre-vaca pedicure.

1. The essentials

You need the stuff you use every day. Your toothbrush, lotions, contacts or glasses. Your undies, socks, and sunglasses. We think this is a pretty complete list of what you absolutely must have, but leave us a comment if you think we missed something!

2. Hair and Makeup necessities

Did you see the key word in the headline? Necessities. You should not be bringing every eye shadow pallet you own, every brush, or three different sizes of curling irons. Let’s be realistic ladies, the heat and humidity leave you nearly powerless to the environment anyways, and no amount of hair spray is going to make it easier. Bring just what you can’t live without—maybe a tinted moisturizer (with spf!), mascara, eyeliner, and a bronzer/ blush combo. You’ll be so much happier not sweating out whether or not you remember to repack your favorite serum (or whether its spilling out all over your suitcase) when you know it’s safely in your brush.

3. And for the best part…. Clothes!
Planning outfits for romantic evenings on the beach or adventures in the mountains has to be one of our favorite parts of the whole travel process! And if you are like us, that means you might get carried away from time to time because, yes, you do need all three of those black tops—they are all parts of way different vibes! Choose pieces that will serve dual purposes for your trip.
Of course, the piece that fits that description are gorgeous kaftans. Our favorite designer of these best-of-the-moment pieces are definitely Shahida Parides.

island getaway packing

For our upcoming Bermuda getaway, we are bringing the Python Lace-Up Kaftan in aqua. These gorgeous hues will have you dreaming of the beach as soon as you buy it. Plus, kaftans can be worn three different ways, further cutting your chances of overpacking.

What are your favorite pieces that you can’t leave home without? We have that nagging feeling we might be forgetting something (familiar?) so let us know!