Claudia Nichole Cashmere

Five Places to Wear Claudia Nichole Cashmere Poncho this Fall


It’s finally cool enough where it’s definitely cashmere season. I am always so excited when October 10 rolls around  because dressing myself becomes so much easier. I have a handful of go-to elevated essentials in my closet that I know I can pick up at any moment and completely look like I am ready for anything.

Here are our top five fall occasions that we are wearing our Claudia Nichole Cashmere Dress Topper to.

  1. Brunch with our girlfriends.

The effortless, throw-it-on and go nature of the Claudia Nichole Cashmere Dress Topper is perfect for a pick me up weekend brunch. No need to spend 20 minutes looking through your closet for something to wear when you can just grab this piece and go.

Claudia Nichole Cashmere

I love this piece in tickled pink to throw on over jeans, or our Lysse Leather Insert Leggings. Add cute details like this Skull Cashmere glove and hat set to put that perfect touch on your look.

  1. Date night.

There is nothing better than snuggling up on a date while in a cozy dress topper. Try wearing the poncho dress topper over our Poe cashmere jumpsuit for a romantic dinner with your hubby. He’ll love giving you sweet hugs when you’re as soft as his favorite blanket!

  1. Work

Did you know that most offices are heat-regulated for men in suits, even when the offices are primarily female? Me neither, but it makes sense when I having to keep a space heater by my desk at all times so I don’t freeze! The Claudia Nichole Dress Topper in black is my go-to for everyday style that keeps you warm. I just keep this at my desk and throw it on– it goes with all of my blouses!


  1. Night out.

Claudia Nichole Cashmere looks gorgeous for a night on the town. This flawless piece comes in over 80 colors, and the cabernet purple or greenbriar green are two perfect pieces that pair perfectly with bottoms like the Mara Ponte Leggings by Lysse in charcoal with a cute bootie like the one below for a look that goes from dinner to the cool new corner bar effortlessly.


  1. Fall fun day out!

Cashmere is perfect if you are taking the day to celebrate the season at a pumpkin patch or apple orchard. I love wearing colors that complement the scenery around me– perfect for Instagram and the blog. That’s why I love this sunset orange color. It photographs so gorgeously, and I love how it pairs with a dark wash jean and riding boots! 

PS– are you going for a long day out? The new and super adorable Sondra Roberts quilted backpack can hold everything you need, from your Polaroid camera, to your water, to your makeup for touchups!

claudia nichole cashmere

What cashmere are you wearing this season? Tweet at us @PaulaAndChlo to let us know!

5 Simple Rules For a Chic Wardrobe This Fall

5 Simple Rules For a Chic Wardrobe This Fall


The leaves are falling, the air is crisp and cool… and you are still wearing shorts? Keeping your wardrobe fresh can be a challenge when the seasons change. But not to worry! Not only have I chosen some pieces to covet, but will give you five simple rules to keep your wardrobe chic this fall. Put away the summer rags for next season. This set of rules comes with a curated list to make it foolproof chic!

Rule #1-Make French stripes your color block!

French stripes

The White and Warren Essential Striped Sweater will satisfy your color blocking cravings and stripe needs. French stripes are not only a fashion staple but anyone`s wardrobe staple! Strategically placed French stripes will flatter any figure while wearing classic colors. This 100% cashmere sweater will carry you all the way to spring!

White Warren Essential Stripe Sweatshirt – Black & White Cashmere

Rule #2 Drape with vertical lines

Draping with cashmere travel wrap from White and Warren

If your thing is finding a little more height, then find pieces that will drape you vertically, not horizontally. A thick scarf or wrap that is layered vertically will not only slenderize a curvy figure, but it will give the illusion of height. This cashmere travel wrap from White and Warren in a nice contrasting hue will get you the look that multitasks!

White Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap – Baltic Heather

Rule #3 Layers are our friends!!

Layered looks in fall and winter fashions

In order for layering to work, you need to channel your mood, add a pop of color and something sparkly. For the example above, I channeled classy, cozy winter with a dash of fleeting autumn. I know it sounds a bit avant-garde, but I can’t help it. I am an artiste at heart! I rely deeply on classic colors that last throughout the season and can be interchangeable.

The above layered look can be changed, by making the shirt the piece that carries color and make the scarf, a neutral color. Change the tights to a long warm skirt and you have dressed up for a late night date! Trade the skirt for jeans and you are ready for a shopping haul. Yeah, layering rules!

LAmade Staple Tee – Heather Grey
LAmade Mixed Up Cardigan – Black
M Rena Woman’s Leggings – Dark Grey
Grisal Galena Claret Steel Silk & Cashmere Scarf Wrap
Tessa Stud Earrings – Slate

Rule #4 Bad Girl Chic- Fringes and Vegan Leather

Bad girl chic layered look

No need to be naughty, it’s just about the right attitude! Whether you need a serious outfit or need to make a seriously sick statement, this is it. Unruly fringes and a hardcore vegan leather leggings, make this a fierce combination. Rock it with your bae or with your girls. Concerts or coffee… It’s a combination that screams rebel chic.

As you bask in all its glory, you realize this look is classy, chic and always hot.

360 Cashmere Hadleigh Fringe Cardigan in Navy / Black Cashmere

Lyssé Vegan Leather Leggings

Rule #5 Top it BOLD with a cashmere topper!


A cashmere dress topper can be the piece that solves it all! Grab it and go solution when you need to be out the door and warm, at the same time. Keeping your tights or skirt in a neutral color, grab this Claudia Nichole Cashmere Poncho Dress Topper on your way out the door. Even in jeans, this cashmere dress topper will elevate your look. Warm, soft and a smart choice.

Claudia Nichole Cashmere Poncho Dress Topper

I hope you enjoy my choices! I am sure it will make your wardrobe seasonal change all that much manageable. You’re welcome. 😉

The Hottest Fall Trends of 2016



Fall is here, and we aren’t complaining. After a particularly hot and sticky summer, the cooler temperatures come as a relief. But my favorite part of the season is not the new opportunities for long walks in gorgeously colored parks, or the Friday nights under the lights watching your favorite hometown team pull home a win.

Our favorite part of fall is moving from the bright and cheery hues of summer to the rich and warm autumnal tones. We love all the gorgeous fall trends that start be a part of the street style. Summer is fun, but fall is chic.

We have been seeing some elegant trends pop up over the first few weeks of the season. These are some of our favorites, but we want to know what you can’t get enough of! Let us know in the comments, or tag us in the comments of some of your favorite street-style bloggers on Instagram.

  1. Camel is the color.

Camel is one of the hottest fall trends this season. What’s great about it is that it is a statement neutral. I know, I know, that sounds like a contradiction. But camel is a color that you can rely on to always look put-together, while always being the perfect complement to whatever color you want to pair it with (this year, we have been loving a salmon or coral as an unexpected pop of color, but eggplant or emerald are always great go-tos).

We love this Grisal Soma Lablonde_camel_grisal_soma_scarf_1___86061-1443496534-1280-1280rge Scarf Shawl as a building-block piece. It’s so versatile, you’ll be able to truly stand out in a crowd no matter how you choose to style it.

  1. Florals for …fall?
    Although nothing will ever be as iconic as Miranda Priestly’s view on everyone’s favorite pattern in the spring, this season shows us that flower is the new power pattern. If you choose a floral pattern with rich burgundies, oranges and indigos, you can really shine this season.

We haven’t been able to stop building all our looks around this Sondra Roberts Floral P
rinted Clutch.
It’s a gorgeous vegan leather, made of the colors that pair perfectly with camel, navy or blacks.

fall trends

  1. Play it close the chest.

This fall’s hottest trend is the choker. No longer reserved just for 90s-themed parties, this fabulous accessory makes every outfit just a little bit edgier. This trend was everywhere at fashion week, and we love that it’s finally making its way to stores. We love this Zacasha Feather Choker — it’s the perfect topper on your fall sweaters


We could go on and on… but those are definitely some of our favorite fall trends of the year. What ones are you so excited to wear this season?


hottest trends

The Hottest Trends from #NYFW


hottest trends

Fashion week just wrapped up, and I have to say I am absolutely heartbroken that I have to wait six more months til the next one. This was one of the best, most innovative and most exciting fashion weeks that I can remember. 

I had so many thoughts about what I saw on the hottest trends I saw on the runways over this last Fashion Week. I would love to hear just what you think, and what are the hottest trends that you are most excited for!

Khaki is back.

So many designers took advantage of this fabric, and I can’t get enough of it. From Yeezy to J. Crew and dozens of others in between, khaki emerged as a dominant material. It was elevated from utilitarian to chic by being made into flawless midi dresses and trenches.

When in doubt… shoulders (!) out!

Everyone from Rodarte to Tome encouraged ladies to show off their shoulders. While this trend has definitely been emerging in the last few years in evening wear, this season’s showcase solidified that a bare shoulder is what is most chic in silhouettes at the moment. 

Looking on the sunny side

This season, it seems that yellow is the new black. And I can’t get enough. I have long been a fan of yellow because of the way it brings an aura of joy perfect for bridesmaid’s dresses and baby showers, but designers are embracing it now, too! Jason Wu, Coach, Sherri Hill and just about every other designer showed us that this color works on every skin tone. 

hottest trends

Want to get ahead on this trend? We love this Grisal Le Tee cotton scarf as a transitional piece for the cooler weather. Plus, this shade is so on-trend right now that it is easy to look fabulous!

What do you think are the hottest trends from the runways? Let us know in the comments! 



Put Together a Killer Look for #NYFW


killer-lookAh, September. It bring back a coolness and crispness in the air, takes away humidity and brings a new sense of life in the city. We have to say F. Scott Fitzgerald said it best, “Life begins again when the air gets crisp in the fall.” And while we love all those things so much– there is one thing we love the most: the most fabulous week of the year– New York Fashion Week.

Oh yes, the subways are crowded with models and photographers, and the streets are packed with designers and fashionistas. 

We want you to be one of those fabulous fashionistas (hello, New York Times style watch!). Here’s our guide to putting together a killer look to make sure you look fantastic as you watch the runway.

Stand out while fitting in. 

You want to look like you belong in the crowd. Here’s how to do that:  don’t look like you are trying too hard. Don’t mix and match 30 of this season’s hottest styles and materials. Instead, choose thoughtful pieces that show off that you know how to dress like you belong. 

elevated essentials

Jeans are too casual, a dress sometimes feels like too much, so this can be a hard balance to strike. This year, I am wearing these vegan leather leggings from Lysse. They are a great way to dress up without going overboard, and the classic black is always a win.

Most important: find your fit!

Something that is so important in the looks for fashion week is that it has to look like it fits you. I know that seems like a minor thing– who is going to notice? But trust me, ten minutes and a hem at the tailor can help you go from a normal look, to truly looking like a fashionista.


I love this textured tank dress from Tees by Tina. It fits you and stretches with you from a size 2 to a 14, so you don’t have to worry about losing or gaining weight. That makes this a go-to piece for me as I try to work off those end of summer ice creams!

Don’t dress for the weather.

This sounds counterintuitive, I know. At my first show I was shocked at how people were dressing in spring clothes during winter fashion week and the reverse for the summer. But it’s true. You should be dressing a season ahead– so in September, dress like you are going out in November, and in February, here’s an excuse to break out florals and pastels that have been hiding in the closet all winter to create a killer look that blends right in. 


Must-Have: White + Warren Travel Wrap



As summer comes to an unofficial close this weekend because of Labor Day, we are already planning a winter getaway (p.s.– where should we go? Costa Rica? Puerto Rico? Tahiti? Would love all of your thoughts!) to beat the inevitable end of summer blues.

In addition, with fall comes an influx of business trips, leaving you stranded on the tarmac coming home just a few more times.

Our new absolute y must-have for those trips, whether it’s for business or pleasure is the White + Warren luxurious cashmere travel wrap.

This travel wrap is a piece that every girl should have in her closet.

My favorite thing about it is that it is just SO versatile– seriously, you have to check out this video of the ten ways you can wear it. I didn’t believe a piece could be worn in so many different ways until I saw this!

Check out the video featuring ten ways to wear this wrap here.

Here are three of our favorite ways to wear this fabulous travel wrap.

  1. The Snood
    We love this wrap style especially for cramped business travel. In coach, you are seated closely together with your travel mates, and the aggressive airplane fan blowing incessantly on your neck. This style keeps you cozy warm and compact. Travel wrap
  2. The Pretzel
    ww2This is a favorite shape of mine for getting off your transport. Throw on the travel wrapin a pretzel shape and it’s one of our favorite elevated essentials– it makes every outfit look cute and chic, no matter if you just have been on a red eye or not. 

3. The Flingww3

The fling is the perfect solution for fall or spring travel. When you don’t want to wear a full jacket, throwing it on as a shawl and wrap keeps you cozy without having the bulk of a full coat. It’s a versatile and sensible fashion solution so that you are always looking your best.


There’s seven more of those styles that you can choose from– which White + Warren travel wrap style is your favorite?

Top Photo – White + Warren Travel Wrap paired with the White + Warren patch pocket cardigan (boyfriend sweater) & Lyssé blue jean leggings.

white and warren patch pocket boyfriend sweater

White + Warren Cashmere Fall 2016 Collection


white and warren patch pocket boyfriend sweater

We love White + Warren Cashmere. It’s the go-to cashmere for beautiful everyday pieces that you love to live in. We’ve brought in a fabulous collection for you. Take for instance the Patch Pocket Cardigan, or as I call it – the Boyfriend Sweater. This is a great casual sweater. Made from 100% cashmere with pockets, rib sleeves and button details. Wear it with slacks, leggings, jeans, pop it over a skirt or dress. It’s so versatile. This is a must-have this season. 

Now here’s an everyday essential – the Essential Stripe Sweatshirt. Made from 100% cashmere, this is one top you won’t want to take off. Super chic and so comfy. 

white and warren essential stripe sweatshirt

The Ragland Standneck sweater is a nice departure from the classic turtlenck. The details on this piece makes it stand out. It’s done in dark emerald green. A rich gorgeous color that’s surprisingly neutral. 

raglan standneck sweater in dark emerald by white and warrenDon’t forget about White + Warren’s must-have travel wrap. I seriously am obsessed with this. Tie it 10 ways ( see the video on our site) or use it like a blankie when you travel. We have a rainbow of colors to choose it from. Shop our White + Warren Collection.white and warren travel wrap

Designer Feature – 360 Cashmere


360 cashmere hadleigh cardigan

We started carrying 360 Cashmere accessories last year. We loved the line so much, this season we expanded our collection and brought in amazing sweaters, a fabulous cashmere jumper as well as a collection of their gloves, scarves, travel wraps and beanies. This line always outdoes themselves with superior quality and designs. 360 is know for their effortless beach chic and sexy sophisticated designs.

Take a look at their fall 2016 video to see some of the new styles.

The top photo is the Hadleigh Fringe Cardigan. This piece is gorgeous! Done in a dip-dye that goes from rich navy blue to black. It has a long fringe detail along the sleeves and inner front face of the cardigan. It’s so dramatic! This piece quietly screams fashionista.


360 cashmere sidney cashmere sweater in rose 360-cashmere-SYDNEY---Rose---BACK

The Sydney sweater is a favorite. Done in a light rose pink, it’s a great way to pop a soft wash of color into your wardrobe. The design is simple yet very detailed with a long v-neck, ribbed hem and sleeves and a beautiful back detail that totally makes the piece.


I’m obsessed with this the Dakota Sweater in Festival. It is so simple yet so luxe. It’s the epitome of an elevated essential. It’s like a sweatshirt, but done in 100% cashmere. Done in a medium grey with tiny specks of neon orange, pink and green. A great piece to wear with jeans, leggings or slacks. Wear this piece to work or play. It’s really versatile. It also comes in black donegal, which is black with tiny white flecks. 

Now this cardigan is super luxe! It’s the Aphrodite Open Front Cardigan. Done in a soft marble oatmeal beige, really versatile and so gorgeous!! Long and dramatic yet simple and chic. This is the piece you’ll want to live in!360 cashmere aphrodite long cardigan in marble

Shop the 360 Cashmere collection at Paula & Chlo

the poe cashmere jumper

360 Cashmere – Poe Cashmere Jumper


the poe cashmere jumper

This is my favorite piece of the season! It’s the Poe Cashmere jumper by 360 Cashmere. It is so cool, so stylish and just so fabulous! I love it! It is made from 100% Cashmere. It’s so soft and cuddly, it’s like I want to live in this piece. Now you may have noticed how low it falls between the legs and that may be a deal breaker for you. I suggest you give it a try. Yes it’s different, but I guess that’s the whole point. 

the poe cashmere jumper by 360 cashmere

You can wear this piece alone as shown or pop a tee underneath or a little jacket on top. Style it with a cool pair of booties, a fresh bag, a stack of bracelets and a simple necklace and you are ready to rock this look. Just don’t forget to bring the attitude needed to carry this off! I know you’ve got it in you!! You can do it! :