Red patent leather handbag

Do you remember chuckles candies? They’re sweet jelly candies rolled in a light coating of sugar and they come in five flavors. My favorite flavor happens to be licorice. Well, Hammitt Los Angeles came up with a clever idea and created a whole line of handbags off the colors of the chuckles candies. It’s called the Arm Candie Collection inspired by Chuckels. How yummy! So take a look – aren’t they fabulous!

Love this red patent leather handbag. A great shape and the classic Hammitt rivets make it stand out.

Red patent leather handbag

Here’s Tony Drocton CEO of Hammit with two lovely models. The black patent leather bag below is fantastic. The side gussets are made of woven leather- a very nice detail. For a really fun bag, the confetti clutch trimmed in orange patent leather stands out! What a great collection! They are in our shop now! Let me know which chuckles color is right for you! Click here to shop Now!!

Black patent leather bag