When it comes to choosing bags for my store I’m really picky. I’ve always been super picky when it comes to handbags. Okay, the truth is – I’m picky about everything – handbags, food, etc… I don’t think of it as a negative personality trait, I think it’s a good quality. I’m the kind of person you want to buy a bag from. Which leads us to the Rubina Tote by Sorial. What a great bag! It’s made from super soft pebble grain lambskin leather, and we carry it in 20 colors. Yes 20 colors! The girls from Sorial tell me I have the biggest selection of anyone in the country. Whoo-hoo!


When I came across this bag, I went crazy over it!! I very rarely carry a tote, but this one is so beautiful, I couldn’t wait to transfer all my stuff into it. I’m carrying Raspberry, Molly Sims carries it in Grape. Sims tweeted  “it’s my run & go bag – everything I could possibly need for the day fits in it! Love it!!” That’s the great thing about this bag – use it as your purse, a carry-all tote, school bag, beach bag… so versatile! Vanessa Hutchinson and Nicole Scherzinger are also fans of the line. Vanessa has it in Ocean and Nicole has it in Cherry. My customer’s love them! I get complements galore! I bet you will too!!  Check them out here at Paula & Chlo.

So your biggest challenge is picking from the 20 fabulous colors.