baby chloe

Almost every  time I hand out one of my business cards, I get asked the same question – WHO IS CHLO? I think it’s about time to set the record straight. Chlo is my partner of course! She is my companion. She’s my 2 year old Australian Shepard, Chloë. When I started the business, the name Chloë was in use, so I shortened it up to Chlo. I have to say my husband and I are a bit CRAZY about her. She’s like our child and we are really proud parents! As soon as there’s a chance to show photos,  Randy pulls out his iPhone and starts showing photos of Chloë. That doesn’t sound so bad. Wait – it’s gets worse. He starts the photos at 1 day old! That’s bad!! I get a little embarrassed. However, this is a little different, since so many people have asked me the question – Who is Chlo? I thought it was about time to show you.

Day 1

Getting bigger! Teeth like little razors!!!

Looking like a DIVA in her little fur coat!

Here she is after digging in the mud. Now you get to see her temper! She was a devil dog!!!!

So here she is now Chloë – aka Chlo.