Chloe at her first dog show

Randy and I took Chloë to the Michigan Winter Dog Classic on Saturday. It’s the largest AKC dog show of the year with over 7,000 dogs and 160 breeds. Part of me didn’t want to go, because I knew what would happen. Every time I see all the beautiful dogs, I want another one! So my mantra was –  Chloë would NOT like another dog!!  And –  remember how your furniture got chewed up and how all your cashmere sweaters somehow got holes eaten right out of them.  I figured if I keep reminding myself of this every time I see a dog I would like to get, I would forget about another dog real fast.  Well it worked, but I saw a few fabulous dogs that could make me forget about all of that stuff real fast. I saw the cutest little sheltie puppy. She was amazing!  I saw some fabulous French Bulldogs – they were so adorable. Then there were the Aussies! Well, they just have my heart! That’s the reason we really went to the show in the first place. We wanted our breeder, Ellen from Thornapple Aussies to see Chloë.

Chloë has never been to an event with crowds of people and hundreds of dogs. You never know how a dog is going to react in a new situation like that. She did great walking up to the convention center, even with all the cars passing buy and people walking their dogs. That was until she started approaching the entrance. Oh my gosh she freaked out! Before I knew it she was backing up and pulling back from her collar. I thought she was going to get loose. Then I freaked out! I looked like a total fool! I tried to grab her so she couldn’t get away. All those people lining up to get in and the row of cars going by got to see me looking crazy, tugging at her and screaming for Randy to come and save me! Not a pretty sight. Once she got in she settled down and she was fine. We watched the Thornapple Aussies go on to win a whole bunch of ribbons in their categories! Such fun!! Chloë sure enjoyed herself and so did we.

 Here’s beautiful Shayna from Thornapple Aussies with some of their ribbons.