Time for the Cronut!

the cronut

It was Sunday August Fourth, finally, time to pick up our cronuts. A very exciting day indeed!! We arrived at the Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo around noon. There was a long line of people looking for cronuts and S’mores. The cronuts were sold out hours before, which left many people sad and disappointed. They were turned away with no hope of tasting the fabulous and oh so elusive cronut.

I on the other hand, was very excited because I knew my cronuts were there waiting for me. I did my research. I didn’t just wander in looking for a cronut. Mine were ordered two weeks ahead of time and paid for! I went right to the front of the line to pick up my cronuts. I was told to do that in the cronut 101 instructions. I told the cashier my name, and then a few minutes later a bakery employee came out with a gold paper box and handed it to me.


I swear as soon as she put it in my hand, a women came up to me and said “can I take a picture of the box?” Sure, I said. No problem. She took her photo and then said “I would really love to see the cronuts.” Okay I said, I’ll open them up so you can see them. “Really?” she said. I opened them up, she took her photo and went on her way.

 Randy with his first taste of the cronut.

photo copy 3

Randy and I found a table, sat down and started eating our cronuts. As soon as I had a few bites, a guy came up to us and said in a very thick accent ” are those the cronuts?” Yes I said. The man proceeded to tell Randy and me how he was from Norway and wanted to try the cronuts, but they were sold out! I think he was trying to get one of our cronuts!! For a second, I thought about giving him a taste of my cronut…. Sorry Charley or Svein or what ever your name is –  NO CRONUT FOR YOU!! I know that sounds horrible! But as soon as he left, someone else was  on my tail!! When does it end? Everyone want’s my cronuts!!! I knew this would happen! It’s cronut envy!

So the question everyone asks me – did the cronut live up to my expectations? Well, I thought the dough was wonderful – very light and flavorful. The cronut was dipped in cinnamon and sugar, filled with a lime custard and had a coconut frosting. To tell you the truth, it wasn’t a pronounced lime or coconut flavor, but it was still really delicious. Was it worth the wait and all the trouble? For foodies like me and Randy – the answer is YES!! Absolutely!! It’s the whole quest, and the hunt to find something new and exciting. It was so much fun – totally worth it!!