Lobster Rolls At Mary’s Fish Camp NYC

Mary's Fish Camp

We arrived in Manhattan early on Saturday morning, got into our room, and then dashed off to Mary’s Fish Camp. We heard they have the best Lobster Rolls around. We were told to get there early or they sell out. Wouldn’t that be tragic! Randy and I were dreaming of trying them. We got there as soon as the doors opened, we weren’t taking any chances. We started out with the fried oysters, clams and chunky tartar sauce. Loved it!!


Then came the lobster rolls. I couldn’t wait!! A soft brioche hot dog bun filled with big chunks of lobster, tossed in a light creamy mayonnaise. Very simple, just the way it should be. The star of the show is the lobster, anything more would take away from it. It was served with homemade shoestring potato fries. Delish!! I would definitely go back!!