November 25 , 2013

sweet noodle kugel

Barbara’s Sweet Noodle Kugel – Lokshen Kugel

The first time I celebrated Hanukkah, my husband and mother-in-law planned the menu. So Naturally noodle kugel was on the list. I must say, I wasn’t thrilled. I love savory noodle kugel. I frequently served it for holiday catering parties and my customers loved it. Sweet kugel? When I thought of sweet kugel, I thought of the dried up chunk of raisin-studded noodle – square I always saw at the deli. Yuk! Well, Barbara told me what to do and I followed her lead. We actually made a Polish style lokshen kugel. Lokshen is Yiddish for noodle, and kugel is a pudding, thus we have – noodle pudding.