gift-giving- Gifting is a tricky thing. You want to buy the perfect gift, but is that elusive item actually out there? Yes! I declare it is! We have a lot of items that make amazing gifts, but we have two items in particular that are our go-to pieces for giving the perfect gift. With these, you just can’t go wrong! The Cashmere Travel Wrap and the Cashmere Poncho Topper. Let me tell you why these pieces are so amazing and what makes them so perfect. First and foremost they are one size fits all. You may say that elusive item doesn’t exist, but ah, yes it does. It’s not about an item fitting all of us the exact same way, it’s about the item looking good on us no matter what size we are. The Travel Wrap does exactly that. Made from 100% Cashmere this piece can be worn as a scarf, a wrap, a shawl or a travel blankie. I am fully aware that each of us has our own unique style, so that’s why we offered these in so many different styles for you to choose from. We’ve got you covered – literally! For the cool girl that’s hip yet chic – our go to is White + Warren’s Travel Wrap. This is the piece that got them on the map. It comes in fun colors and neutrals. It’s a great size – you just can’t go wrong. You’ll see a bevy of celebs wearing these. I don’t want to be a name dropper – let’s just say GIGI loves them along with a long list of other cool celebs. 16401_SALESFor the ultimate chic and oh so cool pieces, 360 Cashmere is our go to. The Linus wrap is a classic. Done in beautiful neutrals, the pieces are made from gorgeous 100% cashmere. It is outrageous!lavender-linus-scarf-wrap- Now if you want to get a bit more stylized, check this out. It’s the reversible Star Blanket wrap by 360 Cashmere. This piece is really generous in size and more like a blankie. Great for travel. The reverse is done in large stripes. Done in a Cashmere and Wool blend. 360-star-blanket-wrap-p1- The Lanius Wrap by Skull Cashmere is dramatic and so beautiful. This piece looks really classic until you see the skulls, which then turns it into an amazing edgy piece. lanius_blanket_p5___94925.1443323857.600.800 Now if you’re looking for really young and hip piece… We’ve got you covered in CAMO. From Skull Cashmere, this is the Camo Travel Wrap. Love the big print! Done in blacks, greys, ivory and a fabulous skull dead centered on the back for some extra interest. 360-cashmere-camo-wrap-p3-- If you have someone that needs something on the lighter side, we have the Claudia Nichole Cashmere Travel Wrap. Done in an open weave cashmere, this is a great piece for any season. It comes in 50 colors too. travel-wrap-claudia-nichole-p1- Our second item is the Poncho Dress Topper by Claudia Nichole. A one size fits all piece that can be worn 4 ways. This is an amazing gift. Done in 100% Cashmere and made in over 50 colors. There is definitely a color for everyone. This is another piece that can be worn no matter your age or size. It will fit differently depending on your size. For the tiny person it will be more generous and for the plus size gal it will be a bit shorter. None the less, still fabulous on both. 2p-h-rWwm-CBpo-v0948MqYKipwxy9qtaSHB24c5rOc All items purchased from will be shipped free of charge if you’re shipping within the continental US and will come in our signature packaging. Perfect for gift giving.  

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