Cashmere Gifts that Always Fit!

With just a few shopping days left, we know the stress is on to find the absolute cutest presents for your giftees. But sometimes it’s hard to pick out what they really want and to make sure it will work for them– no one likes having to return something cute! We love cashmere gifts for a ton of reasons, but here are just a few!

Cashmere gifts are so luxurious.

Let’s be honest: good cashmere is expensive. And we love amazing brands like Skull Cashmere, Cashmere 360 and Claudia Nicole. For some people, spending money on beautiful cashmere pieces for ourselves can feel like it should be reserved for a special occasion. But let’s be honest: Who can deal with winter without cashmere?


I love gifting the Lola Scarf from 360 Cashmere. It’s such a simple piece and comes in three different neutral tones. I love that it pairs with everything and can easily be dressed up and down with just a few accessories (might I suggest Oblik Atelier cuffs?! Perfection!!) It’s the perfect gift because it’s super versatile is an evergreen style, so you know your giftee will get a ton of use out of it.

Cashmere fits everyone.

Ponchos, scarves and wraps are cashmere gifts that fit everyone’s personality. It’s a stylish yet safe choice to make sure that your giftees feel like they are receiving something truly special. I love the Caroline Grace Topper Trade Winds Cotton Cashmere Pullover. cashmere-gifts

It’s such a versatile piece– and it comes in so many different colors (almost 50!!!). We love choosing colors to bring out the best in my giftees. For some, we know she rocks black like none other, while some shine in winter whites. For others, we love shades of blue and green to bring out their eyes. So many different colors make choosing the perfect cashmere gift so much fun!

Cashmere gifts make it easy to stay warm and stylish.

Nothing is worse than having to cover up your adorable outfits with outwear that you don’t love. Cashmere wraps and ponchos complement your style so that you never feel like the best part of your outfit is hiding– it’s right there on top!

Who are you picking out cashmere gifts for this holiday season? Let us know in the comments!

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