Claudia Nichole Dress Topper vs. Caroline Grace Poncho – What’s The Difference?


Claudia Nichole Cashmere makes a fabulous Poncho. They actually call it a Dress Topper and it’s our all-time best seller. We also carry a line called Caroline Grace. Caroline Grace also makes a poncho dress topper. We often get asked – what’s the difference?

Both lines are made by Alashan Cashmere Company out of Rhode Island. Alashan has the Claudia Nichole brand, which uses 100% Mongolian Cashmere to make all of their knit products, and they also carry the brand, Caroline Grace, which makes their knits from 95% Cotton and 5% Cashmere. Both ponchos are the same size and pattern. You can wear each 4 different ways. Even though they are similar, there are some differences.

  • The cashmere is 2 ply, really light and holds the warmth. It doesn’t wrinkle and it’s perfect to roll-up or fold and pop in your tote. Perfect for traveling. The cashmere is wonderful in the winter, but believe it or not, it’s great for cool summer nights too. It’s a really versatile piece. It comes in 63 beautiful colors. It will pill a bit, as will ALL cashmere.

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  • We carry a fabulous magical little Sweater Stone that will remove all the pilling in a few swipes. It’s a great little tool, but use it gingerly. If you’re too harsh with it, you can make holes in your cashmere.Sweater-Stone-1-
  • The Caroline Grace poncho dress topper is slightly heaver than the cashmere. The big difference is the way it breathes. Cotton doesn’t hold the heat, and the cashmere makes it super soft and luxe feeling. It comes in 49 colors.


We have customers that swear by the cashmere. It’s actually my personal favorite. We have customers that absolutely love the Cotton Cashmere, and then we have ladies that collect both! Choice is a beautiful thing! There really is something for everyone!!

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They both make an amazing gift. One size fits all makes it pretty fool-proof. We gift wrap it for you free of charge and we hand-write your message on our Paula & Chlo stationary for a really personalized gift. 

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