How to Pack for a Weekend Wedding in Just a Carry-on

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As airlines make our lives harder yet again with another shrinking standard for carry-on luggage, we are definitely stressing on how we are getting everything for our weekend weddings. With destination weddings and soirees from our hometowns on the rise, it’s not easy to save up for a truly great weekend getaway with these constant costs.

However, we created a guide to make sure you can cut costs by easily packing for a weekend wedding with just a carry-on.

The most important part of making sure that you don’t have to spend money on a checked bag is choosing a carry-on that maximizes the dimensions you are allowed to have.

Although some small suitcases work well, I don’t really recommend them. The hard edges of a suitcase makes it hard to maximize the space. 

Instead, I like a soft bag so that I can squish it to fit into the size-checker at the gate. This bag from Sondra Roberts is a great size for a two to three night weekend getaway (plus, the color!!).

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First, pack your toiletries and select cosmetics. Let’s be honest ladies, you have more eye shadow pallettes than you could ever need in a weekend. Bring just the essentials. Foundation, brownser, highlighter, blush, mascara, an eye shadow palllete, eyeliner and lipstick. Bringing just a few of your cosmetics will save major space in your bag.

Next, choose your outfit. For a three night affair, I like to pack two sundresses. With the right accessories, you can repeat a dress without looking like you are. I like plain black dresses for the first two evenings and a more fun one for the wedding. Don’t forget shoes! Try to only pack one pair in your carryon and wear the bigger one. I know—it seems impossible to go a weekend with only one spare pair, but believe me, this is the best way to save yourself room. Bring a second top to switch out on the clothes you are wearing on the plane.

I like to bring a set of classic metal pieces and statement piece as my two accessories options. Gorjana has some great stackable pieces for your look, and statement necklaces from Industrial Jewelry make accessorizing with limited pieces easy.


Lastly, bring select hair tools. There’s no need to bring a curling iron and straightener and blow dryer. For one, nearly everywhere that you travel will have a blow dryer. Choose whether you are going curly or straight this weekend, and pick that tool.

The most important part of traveling in a small bag is that you just need to always keep in mind whether or not you truly need this piece taking up room in your carry-on.

Where are you traveling to this summer and how are you getting there? Let us know in the comments!

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