Your Island Getaway Packing List


We love traveling, but if there is one downside to getting away for the weekend, it’s packing. We are constantly stressed, second guessing ourselves on… oh did I remember my… rain jacket? What about those earrings to go with the dress I am wearing Saturday? And don’t even get me starts about stressing out over what haircare products made it on the flight.

But, not being strangers to the island getaway packing panic, here are what I think are the essentials. So you can focus on relaxing and only worrying about what color you should get your pre-vaca pedicure.

1. The essentials

You need the stuff you use every day. Your toothbrush, lotions, contacts or glasses. Your undies, socks, and sunglasses. We think this is a pretty complete list of what you absolutely must have, but leave us a comment if you think we missed something!

2. Hair and Makeup necessities

Did you see the key word in the headline? Necessities. You should not be bringing every eye shadow pallet you own, every brush, or three different sizes of curling irons. Let’s be realistic ladies, the heat and humidity leave you nearly powerless to the environment anyways, and no amount of hair spray is going to make it easier. Bring just what you can’t live without—maybe a tinted moisturizer (with spf!), mascara, eyeliner, and a bronzer/ blush combo. You’ll be so much happier not sweating out whether or not you remember to repack your favorite serum (or whether its spilling out all over your suitcase) when you know it’s safely in your brush.

3. And for the best part…. Clothes!
Planning outfits for romantic evenings on the beach or adventures in the mountains has to be one of our favorite parts of the whole travel process! And if you are like us, that means you might get carried away from time to time because, yes, you do need all three of those black tops—they are all parts of way different vibes! Choose pieces that will serve dual purposes for your trip.
Of course, the piece that fits that description are gorgeous kaftans. Our favorite designer of these best-of-the-moment pieces are definitely Shahida Parides.

island getaway packing

For our upcoming Bermuda getaway, we are bringing the Python Lace-Up Kaftan in aqua. These gorgeous hues will have you dreaming of the beach as soon as you buy it. Plus, kaftans can be worn three different ways, further cutting your chances of overpacking.

What are your favorite pieces that you can’t leave home without? We have that nagging feeling we might be forgetting something (familiar?) so let us know!