From Work to Play with Just One Piece

transitional pieces

Something we can’t resist is a spur of moment happy hour with our favorite coworkers after a long day at work. Nothing is better than sitting around cocktails after finishing up a big project, and then letting the casual evening turn into a fun night out.

However, it’s hard to wear something to work that’s also going to fit in on the evening out. It’s a tough dilemma– you never want to be under-dressed for work, but I know I hate feeling out of place when you’re out, too!

Here’s our secret– we keep a couple of our most dramatic pieces with us in our purse or desk so we are always ready to look chic and gorgeous for a night out.

We compiled a list of our go-tos, but, let’s be honest, we are always looking to expand our closet! Let us know what pieces you think are best to totally transform your look. We might just have to steal it for next Friday!

Best Transitional Pieces from Work to Play

  1. Zacasha Collar Feather Necklace


A fixture of work attire is the staid collar. This super dramatic piece instantly adds flare and style to your office best. This piece is portable and light as a no-brainer go-to for an accessory you can throw on at any moment. The feathers on this piece are sustainably sourced from chickens in Bali, and are dressed up with beads and shells for a super chic, fun look.

2. Wrap bracelets


Moving away from metal materials is a great way to bring your look from day to night. We especially love this Chan Luu Bronze Stone and Metal wrapped piece because of its adustable closure and complement-everything neutral. While metal makes you look clean cut and put together, throwing in a new materials like leather or cord makes your look way more softened. Take off the blazer and throw on a wrap bracelet and you instantly look ready or a fun night out.

3. Add a fun scarf.


Scarves are one of our favorite things to have in the office because of how cold the office can get when someone is too overzealous with the air conditioning. Buy a fun scarf that completely lightens the mood of whatever you are wearing and keep it in a drawer at your desk. Recently, I have been obsessed with the unique, one of a kind pieces from Brightly Twisted like this one, but you can find one that fits what you are looking for that will work as transitional pieces for your wardrobe.

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