Put Together a Killer Look for #NYFW


killer-lookAh, September. It bring back a coolness and crispness in the air, takes away humidity and brings a new sense of life in the city. We have to say F. Scott Fitzgerald said it best, “Life begins again when the air gets crisp in the fall.” And while we love all those things so much– there is one thing we love the most: the most fabulous week of the year– New York Fashion Week.

Oh yes, the subways are crowded with models and photographers, and the streets are packed with designers and fashionistas.

We want you to be one of those fabulous fashionistas (hello, New York Times style watch!). Here’s our guide to putting together a killer look to make sure you look fantastic as you watch the runway.

Stand out while fitting in.

You want to look like you belong in the crowd. Here’s how to do that: don’t look like you are trying too hard. Don’t mix and match 30 of this season’s hottest styles and materials. Instead, choose thoughtful pieces that show off that you know how to dress like you belong.

elevated essentials

Jeans are too casual, a dress sometimes feels like too much, so this can be a hard balance to strike. This year, I am wearing these vegan leather leggings from Lysse. They are a great way to dress up without going overboard, and the classic black is always a win.

Most important: find your fit!

Something that is so important in the looks for fashion week is that it has to look like it fits you. I know that seems like a minor thing– who is going to notice? But trust me, ten minutes and a hem at the tailor can help you go from a normal look, to truly looking like a fashionista.


I love this textured tank dress from Tees by Tina. It fits you and stretches with you from a size 2 to a 14, so you don’t have to worry about losing or gaining weight. That makes this a go-to piece for me as I try to work off those end of summer ice creams!

Don’t dress for the weather.

This sounds counterintuitive, I know. At my first show I was shocked at how people were dressing in spring clothes during winter fashion week and the reverse for the summer. But it’s true. You should be dressing a season ahead– so in September, dress like you are going out in November, and in February, here’s an excuse to break out florals and pastels that have been hiding in the closet all winter to create a killer look that blends right in.