The Hottest Trends from #NYFW

hottest trends

hottest trends

Fashion week just wrapped up, and I have to say I am absolutely heartbroken that I have to wait six more months til the next one. This was one of the best, most innovative and most exciting fashion weeks that I can remember.

I had so many thoughts about what I saw on the hottest trends I saw on the runways over this last Fashion Week. I would love to hear just what you think, and what are the hottest trends that you are most excited for!

Khaki is back.

So many designers took advantage of this fabric, and I can’t get enough of it. From Yeezy to J. Crew and dozens of others in between, khaki emerged as a dominant material. It was elevated from utilitarian to chic by being made into flawless midi dresses and trenches.

When in doubt… shoulders (!) out!

Everyone from Rodarte to Tome encouraged ladies to show off their shoulders. While this trend has definitely been emerging in the last few years in evening wear, this season’s showcase solidified that a bare shoulder is what is most chic in silhouettes at the moment.

Looking on the sunny side

This season, it seems that yellow is the new black. And I can’t get enough. I have long been a fan of yellow because of the way it brings an aura of joy perfect for bridesmaid’s dresses and baby showers, but designers are embracing it now, too! Jason Wu, Coach, Sherri Hill and just about every other designer showed us that this color works on every skin tone.

hottest trends

Want to get ahead on this trend? We love this Grisal Le Tee cotton scarf as a transitional piece for the cooler weather. Plus, this shade is so on-trend right now that it is easy to look fabulous!

What do you think are the hottest trends from the runways? Let us know in the comments!