The Hottest Fall Trends of 2016


Fall is here, and we aren’t complaining. After a particularly hot and sticky summer, the cooler temperatures come as a relief. But my favorite part of the season is not the new opportunities for long walks in gorgeously colored parks, or the Friday nights under the lights watching your favorite hometown team pull home a win.

Our favorite part of fall is moving from the bright and cheery hues of summer to the rich and warm autumnal tones. We love all the gorgeous fall trends that start be a part of the street style. Summer is fun, but fall is chic.

We have been seeing some elegant trends pop up over the first few weeks of the season. These are some of our favorites, but we want to know what you can’t get enough of! Let us know in the comments, or tag us in the comments of some of your favorite street-style bloggers on Instagram.

  1. Camel is the color.

Camel is one of the hottest fall trends this season. What’s great about it is that it is a statement neutral. I know, I know, that sounds like a contradiction. But camel is a color that you can rely on to always look put-together, while always being the perfect complement to whatever color you want to pair it with (this year, we have been loving a salmon or coral as an unexpected pop of color, but eggplant or emerald are always great go-tos).

We love this Grisal Soma Lablonde_camel_grisal_soma_scarf_1___86061-1443496534-1280-1280rge Scarf Shawl as a building-block piece. It’s so versatile, you’ll be able to truly stand out in a crowd no matter how you choose to style it.

  1. Florals for …fall?
    Although nothing will ever be as iconic as Miranda Priestly’s view on everyone’s favorite pattern in the spring, this season shows us that flower is the new power pattern. If you choose a floral pattern with rich burgundies, oranges and indigos, you can really shine this season.

We haven’t been able to stop building all our looks around this Sondra Roberts Floral P
rinted Clutch.
It’s a gorgeous vegan leather, made of the colors that pair perfectly with camel, navy or blacks.

fall trends

  1. Play it close the chest.

This fall’s hottest trend is the choker. No longer reserved just for 90s-themed parties, this fabulous accessory makes every outfit just a little bit edgier. This trend was everywhere at fashion week, and we love that it’s finally making its way to stores. We love this Zacasha Feather Choker — it’s the perfect topper on your fall sweaters


We could go on and on… but those are definitely some of our favorite fall trends of the year. What ones are you so excited to wear this season?