5 Simple Rules For a Chic Wardrobe This Fall

5 Simple Rules For a Chic Wardrobe This Fall

The leaves are falling, the air is crisp and cool… and you are still wearing shorts? Keeping your wardrobe fresh can be a challenge when the seasons change. But not to worry! Not only have I chosen some pieces to covet, but will give you five simple rules to keep your wardrobe chic this fall. Put away the summer rags for next season. This set of rules comes with a curated list to make it foolproof chic!

Rule #1-Make French stripes your color block!

French stripes

The White and Warren Essential Striped Sweater will satisfy your color blocking cravings and stripe needs. French stripes are not only a fashion staple but anyone`s wardrobe staple! Strategically placed French stripes will flatter any figure while wearing classic colors. This 100% cashmere sweater will carry you all the way to spring!

White Warren Essential Stripe Sweatshirt – Black & White Cashmere https://paulaandchlo.com/white-and-warren-essential-stripe-sweatshirt/

Rule #2 Drape with vertical lines

Draping with cashmere travel wrap from White and Warren

If your thing is finding a little more height, then find pieces that will drape you vertically, not horizontally. A thick scarf or wrap that is layered vertically will not only slenderize a curvy figure, but it will give the illusion of height. This cashmere travel wrap from White and Warren in a nice contrasting hue will get you the look that multitasks!

White Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap – Baltic Heather https://paulaandchlo.com/white-and-warren-cashmere-travel-wrap-baltic-heather/

Rule #3 Layers are our friends!!

Layered looks in fall and winter fashions

In order for layering to work, you need to channel your mood, add a pop of color and something sparkly. For the example above, I channeled classy, cozy winter with a dash of fleeting autumn. I know it sounds a bit avant-garde, but I can’t help it. I am an artiste at heart! I rely deeply on classic colors that last throughout the season and can be interchangeable.

The above layered look can be changed, by making the shirt the piece that carries color and make the scarf, a neutral color. Change the tights to a long warm skirt and you have dressed up for a late night date! Trade the skirt for jeans and you are ready for a shopping haul. Yeah, layering rules!

LAmade Staple Tee – Heather Grey https://paulaandchlo.com/lamade-staple-tee-w-roll-sleeves-heather-grey/
LAmade Mixed Up Cardigan – Black https://paulaandchlo.com/mixed-up-cardigan-black/
M Rena Woman’s Leggings – Dark Grey https://paulaandchlo.com/m-rena-tummy-tuck-high-waist-leggings-dark-grey/
Grisal Galena Claret Steel Silk & Cashmere Scarf Wrap https://paulaandchlo.com/grisal-galena-claret-steel-silk-cashmere-scarf-wrap/
Tessa Stud Earrings – Slate https://paulaandchlo.com/kendra-scott-tessa-stud-earrings-slate/

Rule #4 Bad Girl Chic- Fringes and Vegan Leather

Bad girl chic layered look

No need to be naughty, it’s just about the right attitude! Whether you need a serious outfit or need to make a seriously sick statement, this is it. Unruly fringes and a hardcore vegan leather leggings, make this a fierce combination. Rock it with your bae or with your girls. Concerts or coffee… It’s a combination that screams rebel chic.

As you bask in all its glory, you realize this look is classy, chic and always hot.

360 Cashmere Hadleigh Fringe Cardigan in Navy / Black Cashmere https://paulaandchlo.com/360-cashmere-hadleigh-fringe-cardigan-navy-black-dip-dye/

Lyssé Vegan Leather Leggings https://paulaandchlo.com/lysse-vegan-leather-legging/

Rule #5 Top it BOLD with a cashmere topper!


A cashmere dress topper can be the piece that solves it all! Grab it and go solution when you need to be out the door and warm, at the same time. Keeping your tights or skirt in a neutral color, grab this Claudia Nichole Cashmere Poncho Dress Topper on your way out the door. Even in jeans, this cashmere dress topper will elevate your look. Warm, soft and a smart choice.

Claudia Nichole Cashmere Poncho Dress Topper https://paulaandchlo.com/claudia-nichole-cashmere-poncho-dress-topper/

I hope you enjoy my choices! I am sure it will make your wardrobe seasonal change all that much manageable. You’re welcome. 😉

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    I love the french stripe! It is my wardrobe love. Thanks for this informative article, I am excited about putting together my fall wardrobe.

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      Elaine Biss

      Glad you enjoyed it, Tricia!

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