Paula & Chlo Gift Guide: Perfects Gifts for Mom

Claudia Nichole Cashmere Dress Topper

Happy holiday season, Paula & Chlo fashionistas! As holiday shopping season officially begins this Friday (but we are getting an early start but giving you some special deals beginning Thursday at 6:00 p.m.!), we are excited to start buying gifts for those whom we love most.

One of the people that we love to shop for more than anyone else are our sweet mothers. Truly, our moms are all one of a kind, and we want to be able to buy her something that shows her just how much we care.

For the mom who spends all day on her feet…

If your mother is overworked from  anything from taking care of little ones, to her job, to cooking and helping out around the house, getting her something that makes her feel truly pampered is priceless. 

gifts for mom

Our choice for the overworked mama is the White + Warren cashmere slippers. These beauties are warm, soft and luxuriously lovely.  She’ll feel like she’s relaxing at a spa every day as long as she can slip these on when she gets home.

For the mother always on the go…


For the mother on always on the go, we need the perfect gift to that can transition her for every occasion. When it comes to versatility, you can’t beat the White + Warren travel wrap. In addition to being fabulous, it can be worn ten different ways, so you always can be cuddled up– no matter if it’s worn as a shawl, shrug, snood or blanket. Plus, it comes in tons of different colors to make it one of the most perfect gifts for mom.

For the workout fan…

If your mom lives for a great workout session, the perfect gift for her is the Tees by Tina Crystal Tie-Dye capri. These pants are a erfect gift for moms who love to fashionably work out, or mom who are tired of their workout gear not fitting correctly after a few hours of use!cobalt-pattern-capri-tees-by-tina-front__58466-1461812122-600-800

She’ll love thinking of you on those early morning workouts she sneaks in before her day starts.

For the mom who loves to visit…

If you and your mom don’t live super close to one another, traveling between homes can be really stressful. Make her life easier by gifting her with the perfect weekend travel bag. ac25472_-_ny__89458-1476070016-600-800

The Sondra Roberts Nylon travel bag is just what she needs to come and see you for a few days. It’s oversized, with three pockets, and is super lightweight, so she won’t put strain on herself when traveling.

For the Mom who loves the finer things in life

If your mom is a fan of the finer things in life, you have to gift her the Claudia Nichole Dress topper. It’s a classic, and you can’t go wrong the wide array of colors! She will love always looking chic while staying warm at the same time.


What are gifting your mom with this holiday season? No matter what we are sure she will love it!