Sparkling Through the New Year

kendra scott jewelry collection

As New Year’s Eve approaches, we want to ring in the new year with a new sparkle—and even better, with new accessories!

We can’t believe the big night is just over a week away—we still are writing 2015 on all our Christmas cards! As we spend evenings wrapping presents and shopping to find that perfect outfit, somethings are easy. One of the simplest things we did this season was find the perfect accessories for whatever adorable Express or BCBG piece we end up wearing.

Here’s a list hand-picked for you so that you can find the perfect piece and stop stressing about your look and start thinking about who you want to kiss when the ball drops!

  1. Kendra Scott Tricia Shoulder Duster Ear Jackets in Gold

    We love this earrings. They are the perfect holiday earring for seriously all occasions. These pieces are chic and trendy. Their gold color with quartz gems are stunning; they are the perfect shape for off the shoulder pieces because of their length; they are a standout piece that can be paired with so many chic necklaces.

2. Kendra Scott Tima Earrings


These dainty pieces are exactly the ones we want when we aren’t feeling chandeliers. These are artfully designed and simply made so that you are able to wear them from one event to another without the need to reapply. Something else we love about these earrings is how lovely they show up in photographs! You will always be Instagram-ready in these cute studs. 

3. Kendra Scott Anastasia Necklace


Obviously, this necklace screams New Year’s Eve. With the gorgeous quartz stones over the delicate gold chain, this is the perfect necklace to complement your sparkly dress (and personality!). We love the back part of the necklace too– such great detailing for an open back dress!

4. Kendra Scott Phara Necklace in Gold

kendra scott necklace on michele from classic and grey

                            Michele from Classic & Grey

If you are a fan of the simpler look but still want to be stand-out on New Year’s Eve, you have got to wear the Kendra Scott Phara Necklace. It’s absolutely stunning– the simple design and gorgeous details are perfect for statement sweaters and deep-V necklines. You can’t go wrong here!

How are styling yourself for New Year’s Eve? We can’t wait to see how you ring in 2017 as the most stylish year yet.