Camilla Kaftans allow you to travel sans passport.  Inspired by China, the current collection, Chinese Whispers, takes us on a journey through rice paddy fields, misty mountainside towns, and the legacy and history of China’s beautiful countryside.  Embellished with sparkling crystals and jewels with bold nomadic prints in striking colors.  Camilla Kaftans are made out of the softest most durable silk and can be worn in a multitude of ways allowing you to create an array of styles. Founded in 2004 Camilla began selling her kaftans in Bondi Beach.  Originally a theater designer, Camilla has created a collection that evokes the drama, expression and culture of the theater.  

Chinese Whispers Inspiration Video: 

An iconic closet staple kaftans take your look on a journey to exotic destinations.  Worn by stylish women for centuries think Elizabeth Taylor, Oprah and Beyonce.  Draping in their flowy ensembles, they looked almost regal, whether sipping martinis in a 4 star restaurant or  or surrounded by sun, wind and water while vacationing on their yacht.

With fashion, it’s best to make a statement.  Long chandelier earrings, leather slide ons and stacked bangles transform you into a globe trotting hostess.  Your guests will imagine you just picked something up while touring Morocco.  Greet them with a Moscow Mule and Rock the Casbah.  Ignite your summer nights, by pairing your look with a high bun, illuminated cheekbones and ankle strapped high heels.  The intricate patterns of Camilla Kaftans allow the dress to speak for itself.

Kaftan were introduced in the Middle East as tunics and robes but they have evolved into a bohemian fantasy. Originally a sign of royalty, these pieces are now a staple of resort wear all over the world. Why wait for vacation to relax into the style? Wear your Camilla Kaftans  short, long, fitted, loose or sleeveless.  


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    grace miller

    Kaftan Dresses are delightful apparels for summer. It is a versatile garment, which, when paired with the correct accessories can be sported at casual or formal occasions.

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    I agree! They can be worn 20 different ways depending on how you tie them and style them. They really are fantastic!

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