The Ultimate Mothers Day Gift Guide

mother's day gift guide paula & chlo

Moms mean everything to us. It’s a hard job and they all do it with a smile on their face.  This Mother’s Day, let’s gift them something they would really love.  Our Mothers Day Gift Guide covers all moms.  From the busy bee mom who is always carpooling, meeting and baking to the retired mom who spends her time in exotic locations.  Cheers to all the hard working moms.  


 She loves you just the way you are and she swears she doesn’t need anything.  This mom is a tough nut to crack.  She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body, just an unconditional love that doesn’t require gifts.  But gifting is how we show we care!  This mom can be tough to buy for.  But you won’t need the gift receipts for these.   

Cottage Greenhouse Herbal Tea Gift Set: $37

White & Warren Cashmere Slippers: $95

Grisal Love Strip Scarf in Grey Milk: $298



From cruises to spa escapes if your mom has more stamps on her passport than sand at the beach.  She needs these gifts for her next trip. 

Flora bella Tybee Beach Tote: $195

Claudia Nichole Cashmere Topper: $149

Camilla Round Neck Kaftan Garden of Secrets: $598



If you have never, and I mean never seen your dear mother without lipstick, perfectly coiffed hair and bold sunglasses, these are the perfect gifts to keep her in the front lines of fashion. 

Margo Morrison New York Large Baroque Pearls: $595

Flora Bella Corsica Clutch: $158

Inden Mini Mirror Compact: $32





When you were a kid, she zipped you around town from ballet to volleyball practice.  Now, you can reach her somewhere in between community meetings and her weekly book club. This mom doesn’t sit still, she loves the “get up and go” and nothing, not even age will stop her.  

These are great gifts for the busy bee mom. 

Camilla Hani Honey Square Scarf: $250

Claudia Nichole Envelope Wrap: $198

Stephanie Johnson Malibu mini makeup bag: $33

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