Real Housewives of New York Season 9 Episode 7 Recap

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Real Housewives of New York: Bidding for Love S:9 E:7

The theme of this episode, honest daughters, cheating fiancé and flirting with men, Ramona style.  

The scene opens with Ramona shopping and nitpicking Avery, who we haven’t seen in a while!  Sonja and Luanne meeting for lunch and Dorinda and Bethanny shopping for furniture. The crafty editing is done so that all the women are discussing the same thing, Ramona, but not before Bethanny plugs her new show, house flipping, and brags about being able to buy and flip New York condo’s like they cost 10 dollars each.   

Meanwhile Ramona is in Henri Bendals with Avery.  Did we mention we miss Avery, she is the only woman who can tell her mother like it is.  In one scene, she has said all the things we have ever wanted to say to Ramona, you aren’t that cool, you try too hard and yes, you are crazy.   I must admit, I do like watching Ramona confide in Avery, and she has a big crow to swallow, if she ever really apologizes to Bethanny.  

Meanwhile, Luanna and Sonja are trying to define the perfect way for Ramona to approach Bethanny to end the fight.  Lu believes Ramona should talk to Bethanny- cut to Luanne being verbally annihilated by Bethanny last year.  While Sonja, believes Ramona should play it cool, and let the dust settle-cut to Sonja being verbally massacred by Bethanny last year.  If any two women know about facing the wrath of Queen B, it’s them, but neither really came out on top with their arguments.   But honestly, they both are trying to keep Ramona from being killed, eaten and digested by Bethanny Frankel.  

This cuts to Bethanny telling Dorinda, she can be cordial and nice to Ramona but doesn’t want to be real friends, she has been burned by Ramona for the last time.  

Three ladies on the prowl:

In the next scene we head to Beautique, a bar in New York where Tinsley, Ramona and Sonja are meeting up.  Tinsley has asked the two craziest women in New York to serve as her wing women.  Who would let Sonja and Ramona go anywhere with them, let alone ask for their advice on meeting a man?  Wait, I know who would, the woman who went to jail for stalking her ex husband.  Meanwhile Ramona makes her entrance and orders the most complicated drink ever,  

“I would like two things, this is my new thing now.  A tall glass of ice water, BUT,  in a stem glass with a straw.  AND a very light vodka, just a a half of a shot, on ice with club soda, three limes and a straw AND another tall wine glass.”  

Why do you need the third wine glass Ramona?!   You said you needed two things Ramona? That was like 12!  Tinsley has heard that Ramona is really “good” at dating and wants tips (she must have not been at Ramona’s surprise party where she ignored the date she shouldn’t have invited).  Ramona then gives the best/ worst description of how to meet men in New York:

  • Steak restaurants
  • Always sit at the bar
  • Get the mens attention and ask for a glass of water as sexy as you possibly can, and when you get the water, play with the straw in a way that makes them want to have sex with you.

She doesn’t say all of this, but it’s clearly what she is implying.  For some reason I immediately think of Cher from Clueless, which is exactly what Ramona is about meeting a decent man.  Something tells me this is exactly how she landed Mario, so really she should be giving advice on attracting slime balls.

Sonja arrives and they head past the dining area, and on the way Ramona peeks into the kitchen area, compliments the smells coming from the kitchen and licks her lips like a cougar hunting a baby Gazelle.  

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The party has started for the girls  only in New York can a venue be a restaurant, club and bar.  Tinsley begins flirting with some guys she thinks are “cute” even though they looked like they just turned 21 today.  Sonja has been acting as Tinsley’s madame, prepping her for marriage, but doesn’t approve of Tinsley dating men that are not on her list.  She believes Tinsley has been veering off the road, towards hoochie-town.  As Tinsley is talking to her future jail bate, Ramona comes over.  Initially she seems like a good wing woman, talking up Tinsley, but in no time at all she begans practicing her new found flirting rules on this poor poor child names Chad.  This is probably the most inappropriate scene I have ever witnessed, something that would make Avery slap that wine glass full of 3 limes, a half of shot of vodka and ice, right out of her mothers hand, sending her into time-out for eternity.  

She seductively turns her shoulder away from him, grabs the tip of the straw, turns and glares at him with her giant eyes and takes a sip of her cocktail.    Sonja comes over to break up the party, but can’t help but check out the twenty-somethings butt.  Sonja doesn’t approve and leaves the bar and Tinsley with Chad, the 23 year, who she aggressively makes out with 5 seconds later. 

Bethanny working for Dress for Success

On the other side of town, Bethanny is preparing for the Dress for Success annual breakfast and is serving as their spokesperson.  We finally meet Dennis, who Bethanny has been dating for about a year.  Turns out he was her friends boyfriend years ago (there have to be more men in Manhattan) and when he got a divorce she was his first call.  Wasn’t this the main subject of her fight with Luanne?  Hypocrite much? 

Meanwhile, we get to a scene with Carol and Adam, who we haven’t seen together all season.  They are hanging out with Adams friends who are all so much younger than Carol it’s comical.  This entire season is Carol realizing she doesn’t like Adam that much, they are not going to be living together any more, she kind of wants him to move out and kind of doesn’t know how to tell him, so instead she confesses all of this to his 20-something friend.  I have never seen Carol share so much with such a young woman.  

Tinsley and Chad

Tinsley is going on a date with Chad to a bowling alley.  Tinsley is 41 and Chad is 23, but Tinsley acts 18, again they begin aggressively making out at a bowling alley, so classy.   

Ramona and the ladies she hired to film with her:

Ramona is out on the prowl, again, and still in Luanne’s business.  She meets up with a group of women we have never seen before.  Not a coincidence one of them used to see Tom, which is:

1. not surprising because he slept with every woman in New York 

2. Not surprising because Ramona probably paid for them to meet up with her and dish the dirt.  

 This is when we find out, that Tom was dating another woman while he was with Luanne and the woman finds out when she catches Luanne and Tom in the bar, probably making out.  One of the women mention that Luanne is in a bubble, she knows he is not faithful and she doesn’t care.  Who is surprised by this?  No one.  

 Ramona that was last season!  Luanne doesn’t care, no one is shocked and it’s time for you to drop the subject.

Luanne in her Bubble:

Cut to Luanne who is in her bubble/ penthouse getting her makeup done and hanging out with Victoria, who we also haven’t seen in while.  Luanne’s bubble is so thick, she thinks the rest of the girls are super happy for her and she can now (finally) enjoying being engaged.  

Dorinda’s Charity Event

As every one starts arriving, Sonja announces to Tinsley that they don’t always have to arrive together (the same woman who got mad at Tinsley a couple of weeks ago for not inviting her everywhere).   Bethanny starts talking to a man she thinks is perfect for Sonja, and Ramona goes right over and, as Sonja puts it, body languages him.  Ramona admits she was practicing her flirting on him.  Tom arrives to the party with Luanne, and let the drama begin.  Sonja can’t help but mention she knows him (we know Sonja!!).  Bethanny can’t help but think of the disaster that was last year, and then introduces herself to Tom and apologizes for outing his cheating.   

As a part of the charity event, Dorinda is schleping out Real Housewives swag for the auction.  You can win drinks with Luanne, a night in the Berkshires with Dorinda, beauty products that Carole never used and some old piece of clothing from Sonja’s closet, snore.  Dorinda starts panicking, and almost cuts off the bar if people don’t start bidding.  While Bethanny and Carol go around and flirt with the men to get them to buy things for the charity… good idea… 

While Carole is pressuring people to bid, one of Luanne’s “friends” admits that the wedding is a sham (again who is surprised by this), Tom still hooks up with women at the Regency, and Luanne would rather have a crap of a marriage than call it off.  Luanne knows all of this, and does not care, so why does any one else? 

Should Carol tell Luanne about the rumors?  Is Ramona going to apologize to Bethanny?  Will Tom ever stop sleeping around?  Tune in next week to find out.

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