5 ways to wear your scarf like a French Girl

Summertime in Paris is HOT in two ways: 

  1. The weather is brutal 
  2. Everyone, and I mean everyone looks amazing

We all know French women have style, it’s no secret.  From zooming down Avenue Montaigne in an adorable motor bike to sitting in an outdoor cafe sipping wine, they make it look effortless.  Add 90 degree weather, and they have accomplished a real feat! One of their top secrets?  Summer Scarves.  One silk square can add texture, a pop of color and an additional interesting element to your look.  Also, it’s versatile and with so many ways to rock one, we decided to share some of our favorite ways inspired by the French.  These are 5 ways to wear your scarf like a French Girl. 


Printed Village Feather Scarf

We love a bag that bursts with color, it’s absolutely perfect for summertime.  To add an even bigger pack to the punch, we wrapped a complimentary scarf around the handles.  A super simple style, all you need to do is grab the handles together if there are more than one, and gently tie one end of the scarf to one end of the handles.  Wrap it around and let it bunch up a bit, it shouldn’t look too neat, and then tie it to the other side of the handle.  Et Voila. 


Printed Village Primal Scarf


This has to be one of our favorite ways to rock a scarf.  Even if we are just cruising the grocery isle, why can’t we look like we just cruised the coast of the Riviera in a drop top?  Tie your scarf like a triangle and then place the largest part of the shape on the crown of your head.  Take the ends of the triangle and wrap it around your neck (starting in the front) before tying it in a cute bow. 


Camilla Scarf

You don’t necessarily have to have a bad hair day to wear your scarf like this, but, let’s be honest, no one would know if you did.  Take a large square scarf and fold it length wise until you get a long rectangle.  Wrap it from the base of your head to the back and tie it in a knot.  




We don’t know how to say pump up the volume in French, but this look is the epitome of French style, it looks effortless and dramatic. Just take an oversized scarf and and while wrapping the corner around your neck, use your hands to open the scarf so the majority is in the front, wrap it twice with the first wrap larger than the second, and then take the two corners and knot them behind your neck.   

Printed Village King Tut Scarf

We call this one the ease, because it couldn’t get easier than this.  Simply tie a knot in the center of your scarf, wrap it around your neck once and knot it in the back! 


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