Season 9 Episode 10 Black out and Get out: Real Housewives Recap

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An episode breakdown: Are you kidding me Bethanny?! Are you kidding me?

We re-enter last weeks scene in the Berkshires:

The scene starts with Bethanny proclaiming, “you have not been a good friend to me”

And Ramona replies, “Oh really Bethanny, you have not been a good friend to me”

And then she begins her assent into the deep end.  Ramona just goes for it, with wow’s and the eyes rolling and the hands gesturing.  What could have been a talk, between two people, (which I know doesn’t happen on RHONY), quickly turns into a fight.  But like Bethanny said on her tag line this season, “If you are gonna come for this B you better not miss,” and Ramona was too drunk to aim.  There are several insults you can hurl at Bethanny to hurt her, she is mean, cold, lonely and clearly depressed right now, but Ramona is no good at this fight, all of her arguments are weak, she is too drunk and she lost the battle before it even began.  

Or did she?

Ramona starts heavy, instantly calling BS on Bethanny, because she was a good friend to her last year, when Bethanny was sick.  Then she mentions her divorce with Mario and how Bethanny was not, in turn, there for her.  Bethanny believes in something called Crises Moments, which can be defined by a time when people do things for other people.

In Bethanny’s twisted logic you can have fake friends who help you through a crises.  I thought it was the other way around… 

They take the fight back to 2009 with a quick montage of Ramona being evil towards Bethanny:

2009 The Brooklyn bridge

Ramona and Bethanny walking on a bridge and Ramona proclaiming, “at least I have friends, you have no friends and nobody in your life.  Right now you have Jason, but you will probably mess that up too.”  Talk about foreshadowing.

Ramona was mean, but she was right BUT her delivery was way off. 

2015 The fashion show with stolen dresses

Where Bethanny accused Ramona of stealing dresses. Ramona is crazy enough to believe she didn’t steal the dresses, even if she did, and Bethanny is mean enough to accuse her of it, even if she didn’t.

Either way, these weren’t the greatest examples of Ramona being awful to Bethanny.  The best argument Bethanny has, is about the sex tape, which is the next example she brings up.

The sex tape

Bethanny blames Ramona for starting the sex tape drama on camera, instead of privately with Bethanny when she saw her this summer… which is obviously true, real friends wouldn’t do that.  

I think the biggest frustration from Bethanny this year, is that these women are not her real friends, with the exception of Carole.  She talks about them behind their back, she isolates herself, she only films with them occasionally and she really can’t stand them, like really.  But she is contractually obligated to be there.  While all of this is true, she still signed up to do the show.  She could be around these women and not be miserable, but it just isn’t her way, Bethanny is no good at faking it.  

Back to the scene:

I honestly just realized how drunk Ramona really is, like she is wasted, and this isn’t a fight worth fighting if you aren’t sober, which is why Bethanny should not engaged her, but again Bethanny is not good at faking it. 

Ramona jumps off the couch, and is flailing about and her eyes are darting out of her head, Bethanny leans back and kicks her legs in the air, heels and all (why is she wearing heels in the house?) and screams mention it, mention it all.  This scene is hilarious, and the Christmas tree in the background only makes it ten times better, tis the season!

Bethanny screams I made my own money, as in she shot the porn to earn money for herself and Ramona says she didn’t, that instead Bethanny slept her way to the top.  Now if we think of this literally, Bethanny admitting that she did a porn for money is actually admitting she slept her way to the top, but Ramona is referring to all the ex’s Bethanny has acquired in her past.  

The argument pauses for a second, for Bethanny to ask what Ramona is talking about.

Then Ramona said that Bethanny slept with every man for his money.  Bethanny then, in her interview, goes on an entire rant about how she is so low, some one needs to (sexually speaking) get her to ground level again. 

Ramona said she made herself, put herself through collage (did any one notice Bethanny’s smirk and then laughter in the background?)

Bethanny has an epiphany and realizes that this is the cause of the fight, Ramona is jealous.  

Then they fight about the Skinny Girl brand vs Ramona’s Pinot Grigio.  This isn’t a real fight, Ramona has not sold even close to a percentage of the Skinny Girl brand.  Which is why I don’t understand why Bethanny threw this in her face.  Don’t insult people because your business is more successful than theirs.  But they are in a fight and all gloves are off.  Ramona thinks Skinny Girl is done, which is not true at all.  Ramona’s Pinot Grigio on the other hand, is.  Is Ramona upset because Bethanny is more successful then her?  Or is she upset because she thinks Bethanny is holding it over her head?  

Ramona thinks Bethanny got into the booze business because of her, which I also don’t think is true.  Ramona screams, “I drink wine”.  We know Ramona, we can tell.  

Ramona says she is a self made woman, and then she goes into an entire breakdown about Mario, and begins to do that crazy Ramona cry thing. 

Which Bethanny makes fun of, even though she looked just as bad begging Luanne to not get married last night.  

Then everything calms down, and it ends with Ramona storming away calling Bethanny the B’tchy Witch, and she saunters out of the room. 

This isn’t even 7 full minutes into this episode!  This whole fight was before a commercial break!

No one even walked into the room, none of the other cast saw this fight!  Then Bethanny decides to leave.  

While Bethanny, who, from the look of her face, finally looks like she was affected by the argument, gathers her things to leave.  Ramona goes to her bedroom and most likely grabs Sonja and all the other ladies into the kitchen (besides Carole of course). 

No one is on Ramona’s side.  

Bethanny claims that she and Ramona will never speak again, and right after Ramona calls her a viscous B, and then says in the same breath, I hope we get over this.  

The morning after:

Tinsley, who we didn’t see or hear anything that happened last night because she was in a cold coma, comes down to be debriefed on the events by Dorinda.  

Apparantly at 2am, Sonja was asleep in the chair, upright and Dorinda thought she was dead.  Which is hilarious!  She walks a drunk tired Sonja to her room, while Sonja tries to kiss her the whole way. 

Then Ramona comes down, and she realizes she messed up, she was drunk and barely remembers what happened. None of the girls are on her side, and she grasps at straws to get at least one of them to agree with her.

Luanne comes down in a bedazzled Bride-to-be shirt, giggling in her wedding-bubble-bliss.

Sonja saunters in wearing a beautiful silk mustard pajama set that she stole from Dorinda.  It was a gift Dorinda’s dead husband Richard gave to her, and she had it wrapped in a plastic zip lock bag. This is just another reason she should stop inviting these women into her home.  


The ladies are packing to leave, and in a last ditch effort to make sure she has at least one friend before she goes back to New York, Ramona is packing Sonja’s clothes up.  While mumbling to herself about last nights events.  

Tinsley and Sonja are in Tinsleys room and Sonja wants to make sure when Tinsley goes back to New York, she follows the rules.  

Back in New York 

Dorinda is back in her apartment, and apparently while in a drunken tirade Ramona ripped light fixtures off of her walls!  She is so upset, and honestly should be suing Ramona, but she is too good of a hostess for that.  She almost cries speaking about it.  And the same question comes up about Ramona again, is she a good friend?

Tinsley goes to see Carole’s apartment

I think we have a real friendship happening with Carole and Tinsley, which i am relieved about, Carole is boring with Bethanny.  Tinsley goes to look at a rental in Carole’s building, a $7,100 a month apartment that is 1,200 square feet.  I quickly remember why I left New York. 

Bethanny is with her assistants:

She is complaining her schedule is over loaded, also her closet is full of moths.   She spent 10 grand to de-moth her closet! 

Jill is back!

Dorinda has dinner with Jill, Luanne and some friends.  Dorinda knows Jill and Bobby very well.  This is where we learn Jill and Luanna are still close.  In this moment we see Jill look longingly at Luanne and Dorinda, while they talk about all the crazy that went down in the Berkshires, and she proclaims, “I kinda miss the gossip”  We miss you too Jill.  

There are wonderful flashbacks all the way from 2008 of Ramona and Jill fighting and it is amazing.  Ramona in a scrunchy, Ramona with short hair, Jill and Ramona playing tennis.  I think I need to do a marathon again.

Art Showing:

One of Carole’s neighbors Linda Mason, is hosting an art show where Carole was one of her nude muses, and she looks stunning in the stills.  Dorinda is the first to arrive, but everyone is showing up, Bethanny and Ramona will be in the same room at this art gallery.  Dorinda tells everyone about the morning after in the Berskhires and talks about how Ramona ruined her room.  

Ramona walks in and Dorinda confronts her about her destroying the room, Ramona completely ignores her and goes straight into her feelings about the night. 

Carole tries to introduce Tinsley to a hot dentist, but she is not biting, pun intended. 

Sonja arrives, and talks to Bethanny and she starts to talk about Ramona when Ramona roles in to steal Sonja, Bethanny leaves and Ramona is making her case on why Sonja should hate Bethanny.  Ramona is terrified she is going to be kicked out of the group.  

Tom and Luanne head to their wedding week

They are in the car and talking about the wedding week.  Luanne says Dorinda and Sonja think Luanne should go out Friday night, and not stay with Tom. Tom then says, then he will go out on Friday, with the boys and get a hall pass.  The look on Luanne’s face says it all.  It says everything!  All we need to know!

But then she gets in a helicopter and her fears melt away.