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Since I’ve been in the fashion business it has been my good fortune to meet many talented artisans. Once in a while I come across someone that just blows me away, and that’s what happened when I saw Yana Movchan’s work. Her paintings are breathtaking. Classically trained in the Ukraine, her work is influenced by the great masters of the Renaissance as well as contemporary fashion houses such as Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana. 

Her paintings have been turned into spectacular scarves, made from silk or model cashmere blend. They are made in Italy and come beautifully gift boxed, perfect for gift giving. Her florals, animals and insects are masterfully done. Her portraits are spectacular.

Yana Movchan Scarves gift box                                    Naturel Jewellry 

A portrait of a stunning woman with butterflies, birds and a little monkey. The colors are in smokey taupes and grey with a colorful brick red border, which makes this scarf incredibly neutral.

yana movchan wish you blue sky silk scarf                    Wish You Blue Sky

This painting was made into cards, but we loved it so much we asked her to make it into a scarf. It is a self portrait of Yana. She’s holding a darling kitty with blue eyes. We love all the details like her Chanel earrings and the old city in the background. The colors are beautiful shades of aqua. Perfect for to pair with jeans, browns, black and a whole myriad of other coloYana Movchan Wind and Roses Modal and Cashmere Scarfrs. The border is in caramel color with PEACE, HAPPINESS and LOVE written in French. Each corner has a little burgundy heart. 

Yana Movchan wind and roses scarf in silk

Wind & Roses 

A perfect example of her amazing florals along with colorful birds. Done in 100% silk or my personal favorite, cashmere modal blend. I love this material because it is a bit more casual and super soft to the touch. 

Floral with love birds silk scarf by Yana Movchan

If you love color, the Floral with Love Birds Scarf is gorgeous. Done in an amazing peachy pink background with a huge floral and love birds. Wear this in the winter over a cashmere sweater or one of our Claudia Nichole Cashmere Toppers. Needless to say it’s perfect for summer to wear with just about anything. 


We also carry her journals. The paper is handmade in India. 

Yana Movchan journals

To see all of Yana’s scarves go to PaulaandChlo.com and shop the collection. 



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