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Top Fall Women’s Fashion Trends

Fall fashion has arrived — and Paula & Chlo has all of the must-have luxury pieces, accessories, and handbags everyone will be clamoring for this season. We’ve put together the 10 hottest top fall women’s fashion trends that will be hitting the runway — and the streets — in the coming months. As the weather gets cooler, you’ll definitely want to rock all of these haute looks for fall.

1. Velvet

Right as a chill hits the air, velvet will be making its return as one of the top fall women’s fashion trends for 2017. Velvet is already a luxurious fabric, but today’s hottest designers are revamping velvet and upping its couture factor by using this soft supple material in new and creative ways. Velvet pants, tops, jackets, coats, and dresses that hit the runway recently were both fitted and loose, showcasing a breezy yet serious style that always looks cool and comfortable.

Colored Velvet

This fall, expect colored velvet pieces to be all the rage. Once reserved for muted tones and colors, the most treasured velvet items now come in bold hues like yellow, bright blue, red, purple, coral, and pink. Velvet fabrics that shimmer and shine have also hit the market, making it a new and unusual choice for evening wear and high-end designer gowns. Velvet pantsuits, trenches, and loungewear combine slouchy with sophistication, resulting in a look that demands attention and daring, statement-making makeup and jewelry.

Paula & Chlo Velvet

This fall, Paula & Chlo will be rolling out a line of Gold Hawk velvet items. These pieces all have a soft, velour-like feel and are custom-designed to create a sleek and tailored silhouette. In addition to army jackets, dresses, pants, and tops, our Gold Hawk collection features lingerie-inspired pieces that can be worn for day or night. Lingerie as outerwear is another top fall women’s fashion trend for 2017. Feminine velvets, camis, and slipcovers are the perfect option for embracing this trend in a chic and comfortable way.

2. Graphic Tees

Graphic tees will be back in a big way for fall 2017 women’s fashion trends. During New York Fashion Week, many of the models, designers, social media influencers, fashion trendsetters, and style mavens were seen rockin’ a variety of graphic and statement tees — both on the runway and when photographed strolling the streets of New York City. Even big designers like Michael Kors and Stella McCartney debuted graphic tee-inspired looks on the runway recently, making the message clear: graphic tees are now a fashion-forward statement piece.

Tee Designs

Once the domain of teenagers or seen as novelty items, graphic tees are now more fitted and designed for those who want to look chic yet casual. Nature-inspired designs, cartoon-inspired prints, gothic images, and floral or feathered motifs will all be popular graphic tee options this fall. Band tees, animals, and other graphic designs will also emblazon high-end and relaxed t-shirt fabrics. Skulls, celestial imagery, and ‘peace and love’ messages will also be everywhere this fall.

How to Style Graphic Tees

For fall 2017 women’s fashion trends, graphic tees won’t be restricted to a simple jeans-and-t-shirt ensemble. Pairing a graphic tee with an A-line or flared skirt, along with flats or bright-colored sneakers, exemplifies an effortless yet put-together style. Graphic tees are perfect for embodying a high-low aesthetic by pairing a loose-fitted tee with a tight leather skirt or slim-cut leather pants. Clever and cheeky graphic tees also look great when worn under a jacket or layered with more feminine elements, like flowing pants.

3. Embellished Handbags

The 70’s flower child is returning to the forefront of fashion this fall, and with her will come a surge in demand for embellished handbags, clutches, purses, shoulder bags, messenger bags, and totes. After years of minimalist fashion taking center stage, the yearn for fun, cute and collectable handbags has rebounded — much to the delight of fashion lovers everywhere.

Embellished handbags are an opportunity to showcase your personal style and embrace your quirky sensibilities, without going too over-the-top with this trend. Embellished handbags look great with many of the other fall 2017 women’s fashion trends. An embellished clutch or crossbody bag is the perfect addition to a graphic-tee-and-slim-fit-jeans combo, and also fits with the emerging arts & crafty fashion trend for fall.

Go-To Handbags from Paula & Chlo

Paula & Chlo has an array of embellished handbags, clutches, purses, and messenger bags already on-hand. Many of the embellished handbags in our Inzi line feature studded, Southwest-style designs. The guitar straps on these handbags harken back to the heyday of 70’s Rock and Roll, allowing us to celebrate our inner flower child with a 2017 sensibility.


Red is another top fall women’s fashion trend that will be deep, dark, bold, and smoldering. Red is the color for this season, calling all women to throw out those bright pinks from last year and swap them out for a less girlish, more womanly aesthetic.

Shades of Red

Reds for Fall 2017 women’s fashion trends will stray away from Americana and instead be all about romantic cherry, rose reds, and burgundy tones. The monochromatic trend is still on fire, so expect to see sleek, polished, and streamlined monochrome looks that pair different shades of red together in a smart way.

Red will be the focal point of all other top fall women’s fashion trends. Red velvet, red leather, and sheer and lace looks in head-to-toe red made their mark on the runway this spring, as many top designers, like Max Mara, debuted collections signaling a new love affair with this scarlet hue.

Paula & Chlo is Seeing Red

New for this fall, we’ll showcase all the latest designer looks in red, including a gorgeous, fiery Badgley Mischka dress everyone will want to get their hands on. The ‘Lady in Red’ is serious about style but loves to have fun getting dressed up for each new day. She’s not afraid of attention-getting styles and head-to-toe outfits in multiple shades of red.

5. Fur-ocious

Fur has been making a comeback for a few years, but for Fall 2017 women’s fashion trends this will be fur’s biggest season yet. High-end faux fur has become de rigueur for the fashion conscious, and many of the top fall women’s fashion trends incorporate faux fur in a luxurious way. As the weather gets cooler, everyone will want a few fur pieces in their collection, to pair over some of the other fall fashion trends of 2017.

Fur Colors

The major fur trend for this fall will be pieces in bright, bold colors. Look for colors like yellow, purple, cerulean blue, and dark green showing up in dyed pieces this season. Even dip-dyed, tie dye, and printed furs will be seen on the runway and off. Many of the top fall women’s fashion trends for autumn are about getting noticed — and colored faux fur trend is no exception.

Paula & Chlo in Fur

This fall, Paula & Chlo will be featuring a variety of faux fur items, shoes, and accessories. Faux fur won’t be limited to clothing this season. Our Alice D collection of handbags from Italy includes crossbody bags made with shearling. We will also have shoes and other accessories with elements of faux fur, like our favorite Italian suede faux fur mules by Summit Shoes. Fur has an extravagant reputation, but there are multiple ways to utilize faux fur and play with this top fall women’s fashion trend in a more subtle way.

6. Arts and Craftsy

The DIY-aesthetic has officially entered the realm of high-fashion and couture. Like the return of embellished handbags, designers are loving the mix-and-match look and feel and are getting into making clothes more youthful and playful. Arts & crafts inspired Fall 2017 women’s fashion is all about having fun with fashion and not being afraid to combine bright colors, patterns, and prints.

Mixing it Up with Paula & Chlo

Several of our favorite designers and brands are taking note of this eclectic DIY trend, showcasing fresh looks for fall that unexpectedly combine bright, fun, and unique patterns. Our camouflage jackets with appliques, pieces that mix patterns, and eclectic prints that compliment each other are just some of the Fall 2017 women’s fashion trends our customers are already excited about.

7. Cozy Chic

Fall always makes us want to curl up beside a warm fire and sip hot cider while reading a good book. Fall 2017 women’s fashion trends infuse these warm and fuzzy feelings into wearable styles by focusing more on cozy and chic pieces that call to mind the best parts of autumn.

Instead of the usual comfy knits, fall fashion trendsetters are becoming more enchanted with cashmere and finer, luxury fabrics. Designer cashmere is both tailored and flowing, keeping you warm while also creating slim lines and the appearance of a lean, long silhouette. For autumn, cashmere styles will be both colorful and subdued. Light pinks, blues, and grays are ideal for transitioning from your summer to fall wardrobe, while darker hues compliment other current fashion trends, like graphic tees and styles with embellishments.

Find Comfort at Paula & Chlo

Our designer fall collections at Paula & Chlo feature all the cozy-chic items you’ll need in your closet to keep up with the top fall women’s fashion trends. Our oversized and drapey cashmere knitwear, ponchos, and toppers are perfect for cold weather months. These items also make great travel pieces for vacations and holidays.

8. Guitar Straps

Along with the flower child, her sister, the 70’s rocker chic, will also come back in style as one of the top fall women’s fashion trends. As part of this emerging trend, fashion influencers and early trend adopters are already going nuts for guitar-inspired items and accessories. This new trend is less punk and more about celebrating the gentler side of rock ‘n roll. Think soft rock 70’s singer songwriters who played at Woodstock and hung out in Laurel Canyon.

Rock On at Paula & Chlo

This season, you’ll be seeing many handbags, shoulder bags, and messenger bags with guitar straps in funky and floral designs. Guitar straps are a simple, yet cute, way to modify your favorite purse and get on board with the embellishment trend. Our faux leather Daisy Shoulder Guitar Straps are already bestsellers and sold out quickly the first time they debuted. Good news — guitar straps are back in stock and available in an assortment of styles and designs.

9. Metallics

In fashion, everything old becomes new again. The 70’s glam trend will also show up among the top fall women’s fashion trends with an explosion of metallic colors and elements in every aspect of fashion. Metallics made a giant splash on the runway this spring, with many designers debuting over-the-top looks that shimmered, shined, and dazzled down the aisle at every turn. More than one designer showcased pieces in head-to-toe metallics, updating the disco era for the modern day.

Daring Designs

Not only does the fall fashion metallics trend celebrate glitz and glam, it also dares you to make more dangerous and out-there fashion choices. The metallics trend is anything but understated, yet still elegant when worn the right way. The easiest option for adding more metallic elements to your style is to go for an all-over metallic dress, then tone it down with a leather belt or black leather boots.

Metallic Details at Paula & Chlo

Metallics will also be a top fall women’s fashion trend for accessories this fall. Details like metal zippers add some sparkle without overdoing it. Our Tracy Tanner clutches and pouches, available in metal shades like champagne and blush foil, add some pop to your outfit and complete your look.

To rock the metallic trend in a real-world way, look for pieces in metallic accents like rose gold, bronze, and yellow gold.

10. Florals

The 70’s influence on today’s top fall women’s fashion trends shows up again with this fall’s floral designs. Unlike the vibrant and vivid florals we’re used to seeing in the summer, fall florals will be more hushed in darker colors and shades. Many of the other fashion trends for fall will also be on display in the most popular floral looks. Expect to see florals in deep red hues and designers who mix florals with lace and metallic elements in an arts & crafts-inspired way. In addition to flowing dresses and long-sleeved blouses, floral accents will also be featured in accessories and other clothing items, like guitar straps, embellished handbags and floral-print leggings.

Styling Florals

When it comes to styling florals, a little goes a long way. More subdued hues for fall make it easier to wear florals in a casual, yet fashionable manner. Florals look best when paired with some of our other favorite top fall women’s fashion trends, like cozy-chic cashmere knits and faux fur accents. Florals allow you to get creative in how you put together and layer your outfits, which can result in style choices that work well in unexpected ways.

Fall Fashion From On-Trend & Emerging Designers

Lingerie influences will also be major for top fall women’s fashion trends this year. We just debuted our Kendall and Kylie slip dress collection — many of these pieces are the perfect way to effortlessly rock all the latest fashion trends that are so hot right now. Paula & Chlo’s camis by Gold Hawk and our resort wear collections are also customer favorites for the new fall season.

Whatever cool, classic trends you choose to embrace this fall, Paula & Chlo is your destination for chic, modern, luxury fashions. Shop our online boutique for the top fall women’s fashion trends, pieces, and styles in fashion today.

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