Embellishments – This Season’s Biggest Fashion Trend

Athena bag - Inzi

We can safely say Embellishments are this season’s biggest trend. Gucci seems to be the star of the show with their embellished sweaters, jackets and handbags – did I say handbags? Their handbags are crazy beautiful. Embellished with flowers, insects, pearls, sequins, embroidery, patches and pops of color. Gucci has brought fun back to fashion. 

Some of those bags come with a hefty price tag. As much as we love them, we also love getting the same look for less. We’ve worked hard to find pieces that have that look we love and price you’re going to love.

Athena – Embellished with gunmetal and black studs. Designer version $3,290.00 Our bag $169.00 (pictured in first photo)

Bee handbags embellished with pearls

Bee Bag

This bag is embellished with pearls and a big bee. It has both a chain and a removable cloth strap. It comes in Blue or Black. The designer version $3,200.00 Ours – $165.00 

Embellished rose bag

Roses     Embellished with large embroidered roses in reds and pinks with a black and red inset ribbon.

OUI - Embellished Camo JacketCamo Jacket 

We didn’t stop at handbags! We found this fabulous embellished jacket from French brand OUI. Done in cotton camo and embellished with butterfly patches. 

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