Show yourself some love this Valentines day!


Run a bath:

Add these to make it the ultimate experience:

GrapeFruit and Blood Orange Soak.  Made with natural crystals, combined with a lovely citrus scent.  This salt is loaded with Vitamin C & B5 with natural salt crystals that are extracted from deep sea deposits. Epsom salts have been added to help soothe tired muscles, assists in relieving stress and can aid in promoting the production of serotonin.  Click to Shop
Rosemary Mint Honey Bath Oil. Made with olive oil, carrot oil, avocado oil and cocoa butter this oil is infused with powerful plant antioxidants and Vitamin E.  3 drizzles is all you need to feel revitalized.  Click to Shop













Wait!  Before you take a dip!

Brushes that look good on display in your bathroom:

The smaller version is also made from wood and all natural boar bristles is gentle enough for the face, neck, cuticles and other sensitive body areas.   Click to SHOP
Made from wood and all natural boar bristles, this is the perfect full body dry brush that will look amazing displayed in your bathroom.   Click to SHOP











Don’t forget the flame: 

Our favorite candle to relax with: 

The Palmero Candle has the scent of eucalyptus with soft floral notes. Made with Italian oils, with a soy base. Click to SHOP

Now, let’s talk about moisturizing: 

Layer these on top of each other to seal in the hydration:

After applying your dry oil, glide on this super soft whipped body butter.  Made in the same scent as the oil, this body butter is infused with Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Mango Butter along with coconut oil and sweet agave nectar. Click to SHOP
Spray on this dry oil prior to using your lotion to really seal in the hydration.  Made with natural grape seed oil, anti-oxidant white tea and coconut oil this oil is lightweight with no greasy residue.   Click to SHOP







Enjoy a happy Valentines Day!

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